PUBG Mobile guide rejects the stroke master, three strokes to quickly improve the gun

In the stimulating battlefield, there is a saying that the player likes to see it in the game, that is “Great luck, eat chicken at night”. If you often watch some of the better technical anchors, you will find that those single-row four-row anchors are killing people all the time. Seeing people’s first reaction is my express at Run, rarely roll over the gun. Although it looks sparse and normal, after you enter the game, you will find that playing with the anchor is not a game at all. Every time you just shoot with a gun, it’s always us to sing and conquer. Over time, many players become I dared to jump to the LYB in the wild area, and then slowly played this game into a collecting game and hiding cats. In the long run, the game experience is definitely not good.

“ Understand, but I just can’t do it. In fact, the shooting method is not allowed. It is to watch the gun. It is really a very painful thing to press the gun in the mobile game. Many players do not have the experience of playing shooting games on the mobile phone. So there is no concept of how much pressure the finger is. There are still many players who ran to the training ground and practiced the pressure gun. They found that they could still hold it. If they didn’t want to enter the game, they would still be bullets after ten shots. The reason is that the pressure gun must be under certain pressure. The technology that can be trained is a kind of stress reaction that needs to be cultivated through long-term actual combat.

Pressure gun It is the basis of all the skills. If you want to practice the gun, in addition to the above & ldquo;hard kungfu, you need to be familiar with the recoil and ballistic distribution of different firearms, so that you can quickly hit at different distances. Kill the enemy. In practice, you can take some obstacles at different distances at different distances and try to hit all the bullets on one level. It is recommended to play more entertainment modes here. The biggest obstacle for a novice gun is actually a psychological problem. Many times, when you suddenly hit an enemy, you are very nervous. First, you have to make a head iron. If you can’t make a big move, try to choose a place where you can get a gun. If you have more enemies, you won’t be able to. So nervous. Slowly we will find that our technology has become stronger.

After mastering the pressure gun, you must learn to master the following three skills

First, Learn to use your own displacement to adjust the muzzle

In the face of a sudden attack, we often have time to open the mirror, this time we Need to move immediately, so as to avoid the enemy’s subsequent bullets hit us. At this time, we will aim at the enemy at the same time, use our own pace to shoot the enemy and complete the anti-kill. Because in this process we are in mobile equipment, if the enemy is in the open state, there will be problems with the gun, and because we are constantly moving the shot, the bullet is like a basin of water splashing into the enemy, no matter the enemy How to act, can not avoid being hit by us.

Second, Learn to use recoil

In the game, the shooter rifle is a common single point firearm with excellent ballistics and damage, but for new players, recoil The existence of many people is discouraged. In fact, in some cases, recoil can be a good helper. If we choose to shoot the enemy’s foot or body for the target, the firearm will be lifted up because of the recoil. The process directly helps us to make headshots. This trick is very easy to use when attacking the enemy. In many cases, it will not react to the enemy at all.

Third, Note collection accessories

In the stimulating battlefield, many end-game settings have been restored, and the gun accessories are one of them. Reasonable matching with various weapons can greatly enhance the stability of the firearm. In disguise, improve our shooting.

The above is some of the ideas about the improvement of the shooting method, I hope to be helpful to everyone.

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