PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] are all monsters in the blink of an eye? Is it really

In addition to the protagonist in the major anime, there is often a blink of an eye in the battlefield, such as the city’s pill in the city of death, the second week of the tennis prince, and one of the Naruto Uncle Le. (Hey, what strange things seem to be in the chaos?) They always squint at an amiable image, but as long as they are serious, they will open the “cruel form.” The saying that blinks are monsters spreads like this. In the anime world, this “law of blinking” is a truthful existence, but will it still be applied in the exciting battlefield? Let us look at the views of the players.

Steel Guns 佬

The steel gun screams that it is completely unacceptable! It is very important to have a vision in the battlefield. If it becomes a blink of an eye, the horizon is not even smaller. About blinking is the setting of the monster, the steel gun yells that the first one does not accept! This view of Daxie is very reasonable in my opinion. After all, it is right to say that people’s technology is good. For the master, the first element of playing the game is the extraordinary eyesight. How can e-sports not need vision? nonexistent. After all, only those who can grasp the dynamics of the battlefield in the first place have the chance to become the biggest winner.

There are so many players stimulating the battlefield. It’s not enough to look at the big ones. See what other players have to say.


After hearing the words of the steel gun, Voldemort also expressed his opinion: As a qualified Voldemort, it would have been hindered by all kinds of flowers and grass bushes. If you add a blind setting, is this not my life?” A few simple words, Voldemort Road Out of the bitterness of his profession. For them, the world is full of obstacles, and it would be unbearable to give them a wink.


For the above two unanimous views, the Berserker has made a different statement: “眯What’s wrong with the blink of an eye? Can you not show the operation in the blink of an eye? The old man’s battle on the battlefield for thousands of hours is a shackle. No matter what kind of combat power it becomes, it will not change!” Our violent warriors really don’t have “violent” The name, in his view, this setting has little effect on combat effectiveness, as long as the implementation of a “莽” word is good. If you follow this idea, even the blink of an eye is not so big.

It seems that this law, called “universal” in anime, does not seem to be suitable in stimulating the battlefield. For the saying that “Blink is a monster”, players with different gameplay have their own unique insights. But in my opinion, this setting is quite applicable in the stimulating battlefield. Why should I ask me? Blinking can actually open your eyes at critical moments! In the anime, you can only open your BUFF unlocking power with your eyes wide open. Is it very reasonable?

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