What should I do if the PUBG Mobile guide does not reach the firearms?

PUBG Mobile: The exciting battlefield belongs to the FPS mobile game. The firearms play a vital role in the game. If you don’t pick up the firearms, you can’t control the battlefield. There is no way to protect yourself. Let’s take a look at the correct solution for the start of the game without picking up the firearms.

[Correct Practice]

After the player descends, be sure to determine the surroundings. Whether the environment is safe, once you find an enemy nearby, and you can’t find the guns yourself, don’t panic at this time. The best way to escape is to disguise.

1. Grassland, which is the most map of the Jedi Islands One of the common terrains. If the player is kneeling, the height of the grass can just cover it.

2. The darkness of the room. The room bunker is still a lot, the player can hide behind the stairs, or hide in the corner of the room, using light to interfere with the enemy’s view.

3. Diving. If the player is landing on the river or the sea, once chased by the enemy, you can choose to dive. In the water, the enemy is not attacking the player, but the player should pay attention to the fact that the diving has the capacity of the lungs and cannot be kept in the water. Time requires the player to breathe.

In addition to camouflage, you can also find the vehicle in the first time. Not only can the player escape smoothly, but also an aggressive weapon. !


1. In order to avoid the phenomenon of “landing into a box”, it is recommended that the player use the third person perspective to look around the world after opening the umbrella, remember the number of players landing and the direction of landing, to identify a few people around them.

2. Do not be too demanding on equipment after landing. When you encounter melee weapons, you have to pick them up. This is always better than unarmed.

3. There are too many players around when you land, you don’t have weapons yet, remember not to move any more. Frequent actions will only reveal your whereabouts and attract more enemies. And you have a relatively high safety factor in the house,You can also know the enemy’s movements, even if the enemy is getting closer and closer to you, you have the right to attack the enemy first.

4. Open the door as much as possible when starting the search for supplies. The opening of the door symbolizes that someone has searched it here, proving that there must be enemies nearby. Moreover, the enemy does not know whether you have picked up the firearms. The enemy will never venture into the house, and it is still a house that has been searched by others. Very small.

5. Precautions for melee. If you choose to fight with the enemy in a helpless manner, the skill of punching is the same as that of shooting a gun. The damage of the headshot is very high. In addition, it is recommended that the player take the method of jumping and punching. This kind of punching skill prevents the headshot from being attacked by the enemy. The danger also increases the success rate of headshots. Once the player fails to fight, it is recommended that the player run fast. After all, each player’s running speed is the same in the game. Even if you have blood, the enemy can’t catch you.


The outcome of each game is unpredictable, and learning more skills will make you stronger !

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