PUBG Mobile guide’s style of play in the finals, not to let the chicken pass by

Many players in the game are always able to break into the finals, but they are so far from eating chicken. The reason for this phenomenon is actually very simple. That is, the player does not know how to play the finals, so today I will explain to you some of the skills of the finals.

I. Enter the circle in advance and occupy the center point.

Observe the reduction trend of the safe zone, do not take the lap, every time the safe zone is reduced, the player Go immediately to the center of the next safe area.

Although the next safe area is unpredictable, in theory, the center point is next The nearest place in the safe area, the player occupies the center point, not only has the trouble of running the circle, but also masters the initiative of the battlefield.

The center point does not need to consider how to run the circle. The player needs to consider the enemy’s movement because the center It’s where many players want to occupy, they always look at it here, but they don’t dare to occupy it. Therefore, once the player discovers the enemy, he must observe the enemy’s movements and kill the enemy directly when he runs the circle.

At the center of the occupation, you must first find the bunker. Usually, the player chooses the house as the main ambush. After all, the house is easy to defend and difficult to attack, suitable for sneaking operations ; if there is no house, try to find some stones. Wait for the bunker to cover your back, then watch the direction of the safe area shrinking, and don’t let the enemies in the lap run smoothly.

After the final level has mastered the center position, do not shoot easily. Pay more attention. The general position of the enemy is well prepared for the next battle. Players should always observe the number of remaining enemies, do not blindly attack, and after knowing the general orientation of the remaining enemies, take the initiative to attack and know each other.

Second, Run the game, in Security zone edge observation battlefield

Occupying the center point has certain danger and luck value, if the player is reduced in the safe zone At the time of the lap, it is recommended that the player not to occupy the center position, so that the risk factor is too large, it is better to observe the battlefield at the edge of the safe area.

Use this game to have certain medicines and smoke bombs, because the players always have In the running circle, so the medicine is very important ; the smoke bomb can help the player out of danger, once the player finds an enemy ambush in the circle, must Do not be hard, release A smoke bomb, to interfere with the enemy’s vision, so that you can escape smoothly. (The biggest obstacle of the second method is that there is an enemy ambush, so the player should pay special attention when entering the circle.

In the late game, the speed of the safe zone is slower than the speed of the player’s empty hand, so the player In the lap, be sure to put the guns together ; in addition, once the player enters the finals, be sure to keep the posture under his knees, adjust his own state, and don’t panic despite the gunshots around him. When the player finds the location of the enemy, it is recommended to throw a grenade to test , to minimize the exposure risk, and then Kill the enemy.


In addition to the tactical strategy, the most important thing in the finals is the mentality. . After entering the finals, the player’s mentality must be flat, don’t pass the fluster and eat chicken !

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