PUBG Mobile guide 9 grid analysis method, scientific definition of desert landing

I explained the island’s Jiugongge drop point judgment before, but there is a desert map in the stimulating battlefield, so today I will bring a desert map to the lovers of the desert map. I hope to help. To everyone.

Unlike the island map, the desert map is maneuvered because of the sparse vegetation. Special consideration should be given to the problem of vehicles and concealment, especially the choice of architecture, which will be more important, but subjective judgments account for a large proportion of these issues, so if you write here and everyone’s usual play It doesn’t have to be strange to be different. After all, as long as it is a tactic that can come in handy, it is a good tactic. Well, there is not much nonsense, let us enter today’s topic.

Desert maps are more concentrated than islands in terms of point distribution, especially 6, 8, and 9 areas can be said to be the poorest places on the whole map, but the poor are likely to have life. Because in the 8th district, that is, below the Lion City, there are a large number of unnamed houses. If we can find a car on the ground, we can greatly improve the efficiency of our collection of materials, and we don’t want to go up and down with some large points. Equipment, while the Impala town in the 6th district does not have high-quality materials, but the low-level materials are unusually much. If we have a whole team with better teamwork and want to play wild game, it is no problem to choose to land here. Zone 9 will be worse than the first two points, but its material placement is relatively concentrated, and the collection efficiency is much higher. If you pursue the efficiency of fielding, this point can also be considered.

After we have finished three relatively special points, we started our route analysis. The first one is also the richest 4, 5, 6 lines. This line has a lot of high resource points, simple It is said that the entertainment mode is a “high-resource mode”. Under this route, it is possible to choose a point such as Picado St. Martin to land, because there are too many points on the road, which can help us to divert a lot. In some people, there are often two situations in which Saint Martin is jumping. At the same time, this route must be taken care not to prematurely choose to land, and it is patience.

If you are still worried about the competition, we can also choose the humble little spot of the power station. Landing, the advantage of this point is that the materials are collected very efficiently, and can be quickly harvested to other points.

The route of 3, 5, 7 and 1, 5, 9 will be slightly poorer than the above route. The result is that the player will be more concentrated when landing, and choosing the wilderness on this route allows us to Easily reach the finals, if you are confident in your own shooting, you can also join the “Dumplings” army and all kinds of enemies.

There is a good place to steal development on this route, that is, the coastal town. After the most basic collection in the coastal town, we can move up the valley on the far left of the map, and there will be roads. Three very fat wild areas are waiting for us to find out that if it is a person, it will definitely meet all your equipment needs.

To sum up, the location of the desert map is relatively simple. Like the gun, choose 5, like to play wild, 6,8, 9, master the information of these points, we can achieve the plan to land, not to run around like a headless fly, after all, the routine is the first step towards our master.

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