PUBG Mobile guide is the king of the road!

In the stimulating battlefield, there is a mode that can quickly improve their feel. That is to stimulate the showdown. Players who often play the game know that in fact, every game needs to concentrate on playing, not the slightest Relaxation, and occasionally there will be continuous mistakes in the mental state of the explosion, this time we need to find their own feelings in the stimulus show, in addition, novices can also play this mode to quickly learn the game Some basic knowledge, in the official game, can reduce the probability of landing into a box.

Because the player’s initial range of activities is greatly reduced in the stimulus match mode. Therefore, the part of the game to collect resources in the early stage has been greatly shortened, which makes the mid-term processing of the game become extremely important. Here we still give you some rhythm processing in the medium term.

After the early collection and battle, after the game enters the middle of the game, we must quickly find the enemy to kill, instead of slowly exploring and ambushing like the classic mode.

The purpose of this is actually because the density of the players is very large, and almost every room has the possibility of enemies, which makes the road we run is very dangerous, if the enemy on the road is like a mine District, then the safest and most effective way to pass the minefield is through decent mine clearance. Therefore, in the stimulus match mode, we need to step into the footprints instead of trying to “苟”.

In addition to the above, because in the stimulus showdown, although the density of the equipment on the map is higher than the classic mode, but the time for the player to collect resources in the initial period is greatly reduced, resulting in many times the equipment is not very good, this time passed Killing enemies to get supplies is a very successful development model.

When the game is in the middle of the game, don’t forget to make good use of the buildings on the edge of the safe area. Sometimes, with a sniper rifle, you can kill the enemies in the lap, such as the above picture, the position of the enemy. It is just the edge of the safe area, but once they enter the safe area, they don’t have any bunkers, so they look at the circle and have already shrunk, but they can only be anxious. Here we can use the enemy as a negative textbook. When we circulate in the stimulating showdown, in addition to observing the scope of the safe area, we must also pay attention to the topography of the edge of the safe area. If time permits, we must choose a shelter. The direction is in the circle, otherwise it will be killed by the alive card like the enemy in the picture above.

In the later stages of the game, Learn to judge the situation of the finals. The finals can be divided into three categories: plain, mountain and housing. Each class has its own unique style. According to the above definition, the final circle is likely to belong. The housing circle is a big category.

But according to the position of the circle, we found that there are still other possibilities, so we ventured to drive to the heart of the building to wait for the ring. It turns out that we are right, we found that there are 3 cars driving directlyGoing into the city, and because we are outside the enemy’s crossfire, we can persuade the harvest very calmly.

Finally, we directly destroyed the two teams fighting in the building with a wave of external and external cooperation, and successfully ate chicken !

Finally, in the stimulating showdown, the most important way to play is to be steady and steady, and avoid being alive. If you want to eat chicken, be sure to act with your teammates.

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