PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: You may not know the little tricks that will allow you to climb to the roof.

“PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” as the mobile game version of “PUBG Mobile”, in one aspect is the perfect replica of the PC-side “PUBG Mobile”, so that many can not play “PUBG Mobile” Players can experience the original PUBG Mobile journey on their mobile phones.

Since it is the PUBG Mobile on the PC side, there are a lot of exclusive techniques that can be used on the PC side. “Stimulus Battlefield” is also available. For those who have not played the PC side, they may not know these skills. Today, I will share the skills of jumping the roof.

This is located in Y City. The building is believed to be no stranger to all players. Not only in Y City, but also in many places.

When I am jumping in Y City, I will choose to jump here, but I have a sister. When I jumped here, I was suddenly attacked, but I went back and forth for a long time and found nowhere where the enemy was. The gunshots are clearly emitted from this building. I was forced to be killed by the enemy. I found out that the enemy was on the roof.

Is it a plug-in? How can this roof go up, but there is no ladder! Then I took a look at me from the yelling chicken, and told me that the family jumped up from the door, and the PC had already ruined the skills of the street.

I believe everyone knows that as a mobile game version of “PUBG Mobile”, “Stimulus Battlefield” also has the same climbing function as PC. As long as the “Stimulus Battlefield” is highly appropriate, basically any object can be used for climbing, so we can use this to climb to places that we could not normally reach under normal circumstances.

Under normal circumstances, the height difference between the door and the character is unable to trigger the climbing action, but we only need to open the door and then see the fence on the right? We only need the character to jump on the fence and walk to the direction facing the door, and this height is just the height that can trigger the climbing action, and more precisely, the upper end of the door is just right from the height of the roof. Trigger the height of the climbing action, then the focus is coming!

We only need to control the game characters to find a good direction, facing the position of the door and then climbing, the character will climb to the door and then climb to the roof, but it may be difficult to find this angle. You need to practice a lot of players.

Of course, this technique is not only used in this place. In many places in the Stimulus Battlefield, you can use this technique to let your characters climb to places that cannot be climbed normally. It is certainly cool to ambush others.

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