PUBG Mobile guide Picking up drugs and throwing weapons

Many players in the game , there are very few considerations on the matter of picking up materials. In fact, the quantity of materials picked up is very particular in the high-end bureau. . This article tells the players some tips on how to pick the best amount of supplies.

[Pickup of Drugs]

Drug is the most important material in the game. Note It is a necessity to maintain our life status, but how much should the drug carry? ?

There are two kinds of drugs, one is to restore energy. The medicines currently have energy drinks, painkillers and adrenaline ; the other is medicines that restore health values, bandages, first aid kits and medical kits.

It is recommended that players carry 10 bandages and 5 first aid kits. (If the first-aid kit is not enough, it is recommended to fill it with a bandage, and the supplementary bandage can carry up to 25 or so.) When you encounter the medical box, you must pick it up.

If the player is knocked down by an enemy in a non-safe area, he or she will be supported by his teammate. After the start, you must first hit two bandages, and then hit the first aid kit or the medical kit. Because the first aid kit takes too much time, it is impossible for the player after being lifted to completely finish the whole first aid kit, so you must first use a bandage to recover a small amount. Health value, give yourself plenty of time to get a first aid kit.

Adrenaline in energy medicine is of course the best choice, but it The probability of refreshing on the map is almost the same as that of the medical kit. It is almost difficult to appear. Therefore, it is necessary to pick up energy medicines mainly with painkillers, supplemented by energy drinks. (Energy drink and painkiller together carry up to 10 or so)

In addition to slowly recovering the life value of the game character, the energy value medicine can also improve the movement speed of the game character and greatly improve the mobility. Therefore, the player must first increase his own energy value when running the circle.

The final finals are not Be sure to use a firearm to separate the winners and losers. It is very likely that you will choose to pack with the enemy.

Note on the package: Fill your energy value to 100%. Once you find that your health is below 70, you should use the first aid kit immediately, and use it continuously, because this is the only way to do so. Can maximize the player’s survival time.

[Picking of throwing weapons]

In addition to adding a certain amount of ammunition, players in the late game must choose to carry some throwing weapons according to their own style of play.

Good at sneaking, ambushing enemy players, smoke bombs are you Necessities, once the player’s hidden position is discovered, releasing a smoke bomb can successfully escape the enemy’s field of vision. (The final circle must carry 5 smoke bombs to protect your safety)

Players who like to play street fighting, fragment grenade and shock bombs are your necessities ; as long as you find footsteps in the house, don’t take a strong attack. First, throw a grenade into the house and force the player to come out of the house. If the player wants to take a strong attack tactic, he must first lose the bomb to cover the enemy’s vision, and then actively enter the house. (It is recommended that players carry 5 fragrant grenades and 2 blasting bullets.


Although medicines and throwing weapons are essential items for players to eat chicken, if the players pick them up too much, they will only occupy more backpack space, and the best measurement is the best. The choice is !

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