PUBG Mobile guide, the best tactical training method

In the stimulating war, many players have no choice for the game. It is obvious that this game can hit the invincible world as long as the shooting is good. It is true that the shooting method is a very important ability in the battlefield. There is no doubt about it, but if the game is only a gun, it is a bit biased. There are a lot of tactics in the game, of course , you want to use the tactics must be combined with the actual.

However, many players have made it difficult, for example, they never have a card. After that, I know that this is a very good tactic in the early stage, but I am reluctant to practice at the risk of losing points. This is what we are going to say today. If you want to learn to implement tactics and master the rhythm of the game, just practice it in the stimulating showdown. ! The stimuli are due to reduce the player’s activity area and the material density has increased, greatly speeding up. The rhythm of the game, and winning or losing will not be recorded in their own record.

Here we will show you a way to stimulate the card in the battlefield.

First of all, since it is a card point, we naturally have to choose the edge of the map to land. Here we choose G town to land, because G town is a relatively large resource point, you can see It is also closer to the edge of the initial safe zone of this competition, so that once we clear the enemies around us, we can move forward steadily.

As with the standard mode, the first element after landing is also collecting materials, but it is necessary to note that in the stimulus match, the time and speed of the ring is much faster, so be sure to pay attention to the safe area. When you are shrinking, don’t lose the best time to run the circle because of the greed.

Tactical training, in actual games, because of the limited teammates or the circumstances of the enemy, the probability that the situation can occur is not very large, most players do not get a good attack Training, and in the stimulating showdown, because of the intensive staff, the attacking of the building is almost a process that every game must go through. Training in actual combat can be very positive for a player.

Reasonable concealment itself, it is very important to survive between very dense groups of enemies. How to use some small terrain to hide yourself can be said to be a compulsory course (For example, using an anti-slope to avoid a driving enemy)

Don’t ignore the safe area’s shrinking time because you are very happy with the enemy card, once we forget At this point in time, the circle may teach you to be a man (in the picture, our teammates waited in the car, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable)

Learn to suppress enemies in front of you before running. In fact, this is simple, but it is not so easy to do it in actual combat. In fact, there is another saying in this situation, called “Range Gun”. Once the enemy has carried out a gun on the road we ran, we will I have to destroy the enemy in the advance, or just to stay out of the circle, I have to rush to the top, but in most cases the results are not very good.

Here is a summary of the various abilities that can be trained in a stimulating matchup. Including card points, attacking the building, guarding the building, pulling the gun line, so if you find something new, but do not dare to practice in the classic mode, the exciting showdown will be your best training place. .

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