PUBG Mobile guide Tiger mouth extraction, G port edge landing tactics

G port, in the island map is a very rich amount of resources, today I would recommend a small set of roads about G Port, that is the G port edge landing method, everyone All know that the G port is actually very big. Today we are talking about the operational thinking of the outer area of ​​the lower port of G Port.

The A area in the picture is The location we chose today, choose The area The reason for landing is that we are today, because G port is a hot spot in the game, in If the route is allowed to jump There will be a lot of people in the area , but we have a reverse thinking. Since people jump a lot, why can’t we jump at this point? The edge of the bit is waiting for the opportunity to move ? So this style of play came into being.

First, we will select the location in the area to the left of G Port, The area Although the materials are not better than the container area or other places, However, because there is no such thing as a complex building, we can search the next building immediately after searching for a building, which is very efficient.

At the same time, because the area is relatively flat and has a good view, it is very easy to find enemies in the distance, if the shrinking circle is beneficial We can choose to stay in the area homeopathy card, waiting for the rabbit.

Before shrinking the circle, we can directly park the car on the bridge according to the cooperation degree of the teammates and the position of the shrinking circle, and get stuck in the enemy of the running circle, thus bringing us a lot of killing points. And the materials, while robbing the vehicles can be further used for us.

There is another place to pay attention to. This point in G Port is actually very close, and the hospital is also a rich and concentrated place, so if we go When you arrive at the hospital, you must pay attention to whether there are any enemies in the building. In addition to the enemy in the above picture, we must pay attention to the enemies in the window to prevent the ship from overturning in the gutter.

The area We continue to advance to the hospital. In fact, the hospital is a very suitable location for the card because it has many rooms, abundant materials and easy to defend. . In this battle, because the shrinking circle is not very friendly to us.And teammates seem to be unwilling to cooperate, so we must continue to move forward.

The next stop is located in the unnamed room in the north of G town, The area The biggest feature is that we can There are many ways to diverge. For example, when we have 8 times single hairpin, we can choose to take up the commanding heights of the mountain. As long as we don’t shoot, we can control the whole game rhythm or cover the teammates. Go straight down to G Town, and you can also go directly from the west side of G Town to the other side of the safe area.

After we guarantee our safety, we can easily play with the circle, that is, where the safe zone is, we will go there, never enter the circle, but this kind of play must pay attention to The rhythm of a good running circle, once greedy and enemies are too entangled, or forget the lap time, the consequences may be fatal.

Finally, the so-called “G Port Edge Landing Tactics” “It is to use the resources on the left side of G Port to facilitate collection, and at the same time to transfer the advantages of convenience, immediately after collecting the materials, trigger to G Town, and then enter the final circle according to the direction of the safe area. This kind of play can greatly reduce us. The battle damage, let us enter the finals with a more healthy attitude, increasing the probability of eating chicken.

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