PUBG Mobile guide Clear mind and elegant, hand to teach you how to play more than 1 dozen

In the exciting battlefield, the most “stimulus” thing is 1 dozen more , Short-term victory over multiple opponents, player There is an indescribable pleasure in the heart, but it is not very easy to complete 1VN in actual battles. Things, because the enemy will communicate with each other, and because of the amount of ammunition, we can’t kill a lot of enemies at once. At this time, we must use our flexible body and consciousness, and today we will give you a combination. Actually explain the tactical essentials of 1VN in actual combat.

After the simple collection, we encountered the first enemy. After killing it, we found through the small map that there are two enemies near us, and it is determined that the enemy did not immediately go upstairs to kill. In our case, quickly replenish the enemies in front of us in case we report our position with our teammates by voice.

At this time, we can choose to leave the room immediately after learning the enemy’s approximate position. Because the enemy is cautious, it will definitely search the whole building quickly, and we will waste a lot of time in the enemy when we leave early, and at the same time, due to the fierce battle There are probably enemies around, we have to take advantage of the time of holding these two known enemies to quickly understand the surrounding conditions

At this time we found that there are enemies in the direction we are heading, and I saw his In the footsteps, he must have seen my footsteps. Through the sound we judged that both enemies are upstairs. At this time, the 1st floor is the safest. If you accidentally expose the whereabouts outside the house, it is likely to be directly enemies. Jump from the upstairs and kill.

After stealing an enemy by stealing, we immediately ran upstairs, but did not immediately choose to replenish the enemy, because the enemy teammates may be nearby, and it is very likely that they will come to support immediately after hearing the gunshots. Or ammunition may not be enough for us to complete the killing, so we only choose to go upstairs at this time. At this time, the enemy teammates have two choices. One is to save the teammates in situ. At this time, we can choose to attack or fight drugs, or forcefully catch up. We were killed by the terrain advantage of the stairway.

After confirming that the enemy did not rush up, we immediately went downstairs to make up the enemy, and immediately transferred to other houses.

The continuous position makes the enemy team a bit confused, so it is unwise to choose to find my position, but this is exactly what we need, relying on footsteps to complete each one.

After his teammates discovered our position, they wanted to come to revenge, but we were prepared to kill the reinforcements that came directly from the first floor.

When you have no footsteps around you, quickly pack your medicine to ensure your condition is normal.

At this time, it seems that our crisis has been resolved. In fact, the real battle has just begun, because the enemy is no longer dealing with us but chooses to hug the group. At this time, although we can’t attack the enemy, the enemy is zero. The law also makes their whereabouts very easy to track, and our task now is to find the enemy, to know that the hidden enemy is the most dangerous, after knowing the location of the enemy, it is not necessary to attack, but at least know when When is security dangerous, take the initiative in your own hands.

At this time, we need to be behind the enemy. Once an enemy leaves the team, it will immediately attack it, just like the bones of the skeleton, constantly eroding the opposite forces.

After several kills in the same way, only two players left in the two teams, and this time we need to pay attention to be cautious and cautious, this we are dead in the house. At the same time, keep on maneuvering, change your position with a few shots, and let the enemy can’t find us.

It may be that we are in a hurry. The enemy is unwise to choose to climb the roof and rush to find our position. I don’t know that I have completely exposed ourselves to us. After the kill, the two jumped in G The team in Hong Kong was killed by one of us.

To sum up, in the battle of 1VN, fast Transfer is indispensable. If you keep a room and cause the location to be exposed, it is likely to be killed by enemy grenade and organized attack. Also be careful not to kill the enemy without a brain, sometimes a wounded enemy can get a lot of breathing time for us.

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