PUBG Mobile guide The four-person group ranks in the battle! High-segment impact!

The multiplayer group can be said to be the mode with the most players in the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”. Compared with the single row, the multi-person group has more fun and cooperation, and is less lonely and boring. As the segmentation increased, we found that the difficulty of this upper division gradually increased, and it became more difficult to eat chicken. So how can the four people improve their eating rate more stably? Next, we will discuss the four steps of the stable four-player role-playing and team division.

[Member Selection]

As a passerby player, I believe that everyone can understand the obstacles brought about by the overall disintegration of the team. In many cases, passers-by players do not know each other, and they are more engaged in individual units. There is absolutely no use of the skills that many people should use. For example, the initial placement, the mid-term card point and the late pull line and so on. Indeed, in the passers-by bureau, this kind of problem is basically unavoidable. If we really want to score in four rows then we need to build a fixed team as much as possible. The more familiar people are, the better because is more Easy to communicate. So try to pull friends or group friends, team members, etc. This is only to minimize communication complexity. This shows that a good “chicken” friend is still a big prerequisite for the score!

[Member division]

The division of labor is even more Important , first of all to establish a clear idea, the veteran with more games to play command. It is necessary to know that each of the four people only uses their own ideas to distinguish the situation of the battle. The four-person team is like a sand. The role of a command is to integrate the team’s ability to assess the situation from the rear of the overall situation, arrange the players to different suitable positions, and give greater play to the advantages of multiplayer operations.

The flexible and skilled player is responsible for the operations such as assault or pull the line, we will Known as the leading force in the team, responsible for the frontal steel gun. Such as the attack on the building, the point of operation, etc., such personnel need to take the lead.

If the shooting method is stable and the body is outstanding, then this type of teammate is typical. Sniper. Generally responsible for the far-point guns, providing fire support for teammates.

[Equipment Allocation]

Finally Speaking of the most important allocation of resources and equipment. Many times the passers-by encounters selfishness, but they can’t bring good income to the team. For example, there is an eight-fold mirror in the bag, holding two rifles, even if it can’t be loaded, teammates 98K are not high-powered but don’t say anything. And in our order team, this problem certainly cannot occur.

Arrangement of armor. Under normal circumstances, as far as possible, the advanced armor is given to teammates who need to assault close-knit.

We can usually give teammates who are good at charge, because such teammates In most cases, the firepower of the opponent will be given priority.

The third-level helmet is given priority to the snipers in the team. Although the sniper is behind, the danger is not weaker than the assault. To know that the biggest enemy of the sniper is the enemy sniper, in most cases, the third-level head can be guaranteed not to be knocked down by the opponent, so the sniper with the third-level helmet has a higher confrontation. Bottom gas.

For example, the smoke bomb needs to be given to the rear row, and the grenade needs to be taken by the front row of assaulters to facilitate the attack and the building. As for the accessories, there is not much to say, similar to the high-powered silencer also needs to be assigned according to the position of the team members.

Ok, the above is the four-row group brought to you in this issue. Prerequisites for the team’s points, the players are going to find their respective “chicken” friends.

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