PUBG Mobile guide Battle of the Plains! Analysis of the main points of the crop circle finals

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the finals of the Plains area can be said to be the most tested circle of players’ comprehensive ability. The most common is There are two kinds of grass and wheat fields. In this kind of circle, the little ones will be put down by “Voldemort” players. So what do players do when the finals are brushed in the plains of the crop circle? Let’s take a look at the key points.


If the final circle is brushed in the plain crop circle, the sooner the first round, the better, this is the same as the previous follow-up Entering the circle or following the blue circle is different. The goal is that there are more Voldemort in the plains. Players who are late into the circle are often attacked by Voldemort during the transfer process. Because of the lack of bunkers, it is difficult to avoid opponents’ attacks. In addition, you should have a general understanding of the map area and recognize the terrain in different locations in the area. Although it is mainly plain, many times the crop circle also contains some special terrain, such as hills, slopes or bungalows. Memorize regional terrain, and prioritize the location of superior terrain such as high points and slopes with natural hidden advantages.


The advantages and disadvantages of the different terrains are also different. Many times the high-point player’s visual advantage is not in the wide, but in the angle. For example, two face-to-face Voldemort may not be able to find each other because the field of view is at the same level. But when you are in the high position, you will find the low-lying Volde players and so on because of their higher angle.


Compared to complex terrain, The plain wheat field finals are much simpler. Then the advantage of throwing weapons in this terrain can be demonstrated. Basically, which is thrown. So before the finals are brushed out, whether it can be used, grenade, burning bottles and smoke bombs are very necessary to carry. Because of the lack of shelters in the plains, it is easy to be easily knocked down by opponents when transferring. At this time, it is necessary to use smoke bombs to lay haze on the road that is about to be transferred, which can be safely and quickly transferred. Similarly, throwing weapons and incendiary bombs are still artifacts of fixed-point output. The effect is that you don’t have to shoot, not only to hide yourself to the maximum extent, but also to effectively kill enemy enemies .


Concealment is the skill that players in the finals must learn. . In the crop circle, we can not only use the grassland of the wheat field to achieve the hidden effect, but also have a different number of grasshoppers in the field. It is also a very good shelter. In some places, the wheat field is partially small grass. By utilizing the grass in the finals, players can even stand or squat safely and will not be discovered by their opponents. This is also known as the “Phantom Tank”, entering the grass, overlapping with the grass, taking the opportunity to hide yourself. Not only can the opponent find it hard to find, but also get a better view than the underarm.

The above is for everyone in this issue. I have analyzed the play and key points of the wheat field finals. I believe that the novice players must have understand , and go to the game to practice.

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