PUBG Mobile guide Teamwork is supreme! First-person superiority and disadvantages are summarized!

The first person mode is one of the most annoying gameplay for players. Because many players have copied the previous third-person mode of play, such as squatting on the house building, or found that there is no view on the ground, so they can not get better results in the first person mode. So what is the difference between the first person and the third person, and the players who enter the mode need to pay attention to what changes ? Let’s explain the first person mode for everyone.


There is not much change in vision. I believe everyone is basic. Can feel it. Compared with the third person, the first person pays more attention to “self” to gain vision. The “self” here refers to the perspective of the player’s character. The former third person is equivalent to erecting a 360-degree eye without a dead angle behind the player. After the bunker, you can see the outside of the bunker. You can see the outside of the wall behind the wall, so the player’s vision is different for different positions. Fairness or not is self-evident. And many of them rely on the mechanism of no-dead “eyes” to get more players to use the “opportunistic” approach to gain advantage. For example, a high-level player can easily hold the plains and many others with the help of high-powered mirrors.

Look at the first person mode, because your eyes are parallel to the character, and the previous operation with the bunker gun is basically impossible. If you want to see people, you must show your position, and the field of view between the player and the player will be equal. Potential. Players with bunkers are even more disadvantageous than those without bunkers.

[Gun method]

Similarly, in the third person, many times It is a combination of body and gunfare, for example, confronting the opponent’s front. After a few shots, we can often move quickly to the bunker or wall next to us and use the third person to continue to observe the enemy’s movements. In the first person, it is more focused on the tempering of the shooting. The first person is basically fighting the situation. Because the first person has changed his vision, many times he sees people basically face-to-face. At this time, the basics are the speed of reaction, and even if you have a bunker next to you, you can hide in, but this time, ask if you are willing to sacrifice your vision for temporary security. When you are near the bunker When you are blocked from view, your opponent can easily determine your position and change your position, but you can’t. Therefore, in the first person, the reaction speed and the shooting method are essential points.


So how to adapt to this mode more quickly ? First of all, we must hold the “must die” mentality. The first thing to find out is to practice the shooting and reaction. The first thing to find the gun is to clear the people around you first. Secondly, when you fight against the opponent, you should transfer the position and fight the drug as soon as possible. The card vision does not exist in this mode. You can see the opponent and the opponent can see you naturally. In addition, the last thing to say is that the training of a gun is a word “just”, so I hope to quickly get started with the first person model and exercise my comprehensive ability in all aspects, then do not hesitate to directly drop the military base, P city, G port. A large number of resource points, do not play wild, go directly to fight, as long as you can get out of these resources several times, you can directly advance.

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