PUBG Mobile guide Don’t underestimate the aggression of the vehicle, the fancy skills of the vehicle

In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield, although the player knows that the vehicle is very aggressive, he believes that the risk of using the vehicle to kill the enemy is too great, so many players only use the vehicle as a step. The tools, in fact, are very practical in stimulating the battlefield.

1. Vehicle has Terrorist aggression. When many players are driving a vehicle, once they are hit by the shooting player, they immediately escape. In this situation, the player actually has the ability to counterattack. As we all know, driving a vehicle can directly knock down an enemy and ignore any armor, but it is not a simple matter to hit the enemy with a vehicle. It is really difficult to use a vehicle to kill an enemy without a certain driving technique, but There is no need for the player to use the vehicle to hit the enemy. You can also choose to shoot.

Players who are driving vehicles cannot shoot, but once they have a crossfire with the enemy, they can click on the lower right corner of the screen to switch positions. At this time, the player who drives the vehicle will sit in another position and leave the main After driving the position, the player can shoot on the vehicle, but the vehicle is still moving due to inertia, so the player’s shooting accuracy will be reduced. (PS: The vehicle is still moving after switching positions, so be sure to ensure that the vehicle is free of obstacles before the player chooses to switch positions.)

2. There are also many types of vehicles. If the player wants to use the vehicle to knock down the enemy, it is recommended that the player drive a jeep or pickup truck. Because these two vehicles have strong defensive power, they will not be easily swept by the enemy. Although the other vehicles are very fast, but the defense is poor, the player may not have come to the enemy, they will be carried by the enemy. It has exploded.

3. The player jumps from the vehicle and will loss Life value, very popular players like to jump the gun, but jumped on the vehicle at high speed, its life value is very low, and it is really irrational to go to the gun. Before jumping, you can slow down the speed first. After the speed is reduced to 30 km/h, the jumper will almost not reduce the player’s blood volume, so you must lower the speed of the vehicle before jumping.

4. The explosive power of the vehicle is very strong, and Fragmented grenades are almost the same. Once the enemy is found to use the vehicle as a shelter, requires to sweep the vehicle. The power of the vehicle after the explosion can definitely kill the enemy.

5. When shooting the vehicle, shoot the key position of the vehicle. Once the player finds that the enemy is driving away from the vehicle, the vehicle should aim at the tire of the vehicle and the tire will be exploded. The mobility will be very weak. Not only that, but once the tires of the vehicle are swept, the enemy’s desire to drive the vehicle will become extremely difficult.


Vehicle in PUBG The use of Mobile is far greater than the use of travel! The perfect driving vehicle, it will be the strongest fighting weapon around you.

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