PUBG Mobile guide is just the right place! G Gang is the most just playing

Frequently watching live friends may find that many anchors like the G port this place, because the materials are rich, the terrain is complex, and the tactics and marksmanship can be greatly exerted. The upper limit, in other words, in the G port, the stronger is stronger and the weaker is weaker. So in order to help everyone get a place in this very rich resource point, here I will tell you about some of the G-port tactics, I hope to help everyone.

First of all, from the point of departure, the container area can be said to be a very good one. The first point of the people who want to climb up is very troublesome. Secondly, when they encounter an unknown enemy attack, they can quickly jump off the container for concealment. The complex terrain in the container group makes the general enemy dare not enter. .

But not all the box areas are suitable for jumping. For example, the area circled above is very unsuitable for landing. Because of the positional relationship, only the box has materials. Once it is not equipped on the container, it is likely to be connected. Unclear in the big melee that came down.

After finishing some of the techniques on the landing, let’s talk about collecting materials. G Port is much more complicated than other points, and because the container area does not have windows like the room, In the case of multiple rows, if there is no prior communication, it is easy to repeat the search, which greatly reduces our search efficiency. The solution is also very simple. We divide the G port into four parts according to the above picture, search separately, and wait until after searching your own area and then go to the teammates.

Here is a little trick for everyone. When we collect supplies on the box, we often I will accidentally fall down, and it is a waste of time to run back and climb again. At this time, we can use the whistle on the edge of the container to jump on the container. The specific method is to jump on the railing of the upper building and then jump. Go to the container.

After the collection, the next step is to transfer, and the transfer is based on security. There are also two different styles of play in different locations.

The first is to circle the left side of the G port. At this time, we can move to the Western puzzle building. There is still a small skill to protect. In the case of G Port living, our equipment is generally better, so that a teammate with high magnification can climb the map. The location of the jigsaw in the jigsaw puzzle, it is worth noting that the height of the building is just a little higher than the puzzle building, so we have an absolute advantage in the field of vision. With the teammate’s gun, we are Going to the building is a multiplier.

The second is that the circle is close to the right side of G port. At this time, we can choose to carry out the bridge on the map. Whether we choose the fake garage on our side or the opposite three rooms, Very good output position, of course, we must also be careful when the enemy is here.

In addition to the three points mentioned above, here is a little trick for everyone, that is, when G port landed, we You can see the situation in the warehouse in the map to make a landing. In the case of firearms and basic mirrors, this warehouse is very strong. The reason is that the warehouse box can climb up, and when you climb the box, you can directly attack the enemy on the container, and if we kneel, the enemy above the container can’t see us, if any enemy finds it. We want to attack from the warehouse door, we can jump directly to the window and turn out of the room, directly to an anti-surround, the enemy is full of question marks.

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