PUBG Mobile guide is the best place for street fighting ambush. Do you know a few?

In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield, stealth combat not only can successfully kill the enemy, but also prolong the survival time of the player, and the ambush location of the stalking operation is very rich, and it can be in the grass, the mountain or the house. Choice, today to introduce you to the most suitable ambush location in the street battle.

The first thing about stealth combat is that it is concealed, and the second is about vision. Open . You can observe every move around. For players who like to ambush in a house, there are two factors, which are undoubtedly the roof, but the public roof is easy to expose the player’s whereabouts, then Can Hide yourself well, where is the open field? ?

I. The iconic three-story building, Class The use of the building is not only providing some supplies, but actually it It is the best house for stealth operations.

The house is well-recognized, the first layer of the wall is red lacquer, the second and third floor walls are green lacquer, and there are stairs leading up to the roof. The third floor of this building is much smaller than one or two floors. Because of this, there is an open space at the junction of the third and second floors, and this open space and the eaves form a triangular column space ; The player maintains his kneeling position and is just in the triangle column space.

This location is very well-masked, and the surrounding bunker area is large, and the player is buried in it and it is difficult to be discovered by the enemy. However, the space here is small, the player can’t stand walking, the best posture is to kneel down, the area of ​​the activity after the armpit will increase a lot, but also reduce the size of the game characters.

Second, this three-story building does not only provide an ambush location, it is also Pillars of other ambush locations.

The fence on the roof of the three-story building is notched. Players can jump from the gap to the roof of other houses. Because these houses are not directly accessible by stairs, many players can easily ignore these when searching for goods in towns. Housing, which greatly increases the player’s hidden ability ; not only that, the view above the house is very open, it is suitable for players to ambush the enemy.

But there are very few such places, only some big towns in the Jedi Island will have .

3. Standard two-storey building with stairs leading to the roof and a roof The grandstand, the stand itself is very conspicuous, the player standing on it is easy to expose his position, but the player can choose to kneel in the stands, and the area on the stand can accommodate a player lying down.

趴In the stands, the view is very wide, and the surrounding dynamics are very clear. ; And because the player is lying in the stands, greatly reducing his own size, the enemy on the ground looks up and sees the players on the stage, belonging to the blind spot of the field of vision, can not see, so it is very suitable to fall down in the stands Sneak combat. (After ambushing in the stands, don’t move your body at will, and observe the three-person view from the surrounding, which will greatly increase the player’s concealment).

Summary: Players who like to sneak into battle, ambush above these street battles Did you find out the location ?

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