The PUBG Mobile guide is hidden in the shadows, and Voldemort plays in the middle and late stages.

In the stimulating battlefield, Voldemort tactics are a very simple and effective way to play, but Voldemort is really like everyone said, just look for a place to slap it? Of course not, if so, why the ace will still have Voldemort, because Voldemort is a very good play, but many low-end friends feel that when Voldemort is very boring, it is always inexplicable, and thus I didn’t want to eat chicken, so today we will tell you about it, how to play as a Voldemort in the middle and late stages.

First of all, we must make clear when to choose the point to shoot and when to choose Voldemort, because in the middle and late stages of the game, most of the stable teams will choose a small building group to guard and then use the vehicle maneuver in advance when the safety zone is reduced. Then look for the next building as a stronghold, and so on, to reach the finals. There is no doubt that this kind of play is no problem. Voldemort’s style of play is actually an alternative to the construction of the building for various reasons. For example, the players in the above picture, after the entire team is annihilated, must not go to the rushing guns or guard the building.

Give the enemy to the enemy and let them “Spread and fight, the fisherman will benefit”, because once the enemy has occupied the stronghold, his safety is guaranteed, and then he will go back and choose to follow the gun. Observing the enemy, and once there is a crossfire, they can know the position of the enemy and then launch an attack or continue to defend, but obviously the former is more likely, and a well-formed team has no reason not to participate in the battle in the later period.

Be sure to pay attention to the safety of your side, don’t let your peers grab our limelight, because sometimes the enemy will not be able to grab a point, or the lineup is too fragmented and not suitable for the big fight in the final round, so In addition to paying attention to the crossfire of the enemy in front of you, be sure to pay attention to whether there are people on the left and right sides, otherwise we will wait for our smiles to hide behind the stones and prepare to kill the Quartet when the battle is over. The resulting LYB kills, the feeling is really crying.

The treatment of the big battle, Voldemort’s greatest pain in the later period is to run the circle, because of fear of exposure, Voldemort is generally not allowed to drive, and most of the time no teammates help to shoot the gun, so when running the circle is often When Voldemort is at the most dangerous time, then how do we choose our lap time? ? That is to use a reverse thinking, “the more dangerous the place is, the safer it is.” Similarly, the more dense the guns are, the more we will The safer, sometimes 3 or 5 seconds of effort will allow us to run more than 30 meters, which is very important in the later period, good luck can be safely into the circle.

In addition to some of the techniques mentioned above, there is a very practical and simple caution. That is, in the finals, try not to lie on the slope as much as possible, because we need to hide ourselves. Many times we can only shoot and the presence of the slope will make our guns unable to lift. If you encounter an enemy, you will be very embarrassed. If you don’t return your hand, you will die. You will stand up and expose yourself. Therefore, when you are in the final circle, you must find an ambush in a flat place.

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