PUBG Mobile guide 9 grid analysis method, scientific definition of island settlement

The soldiers have no regularity and the water is inconstant. In the stimulating battlefield, the most fascinating thing is the ever-changing tactics of this game, but many players feel that it is enough to have a good shot. Although important, tactics are also very important. There is a saying “The lower limit of the gun method, the upper limit of the tactics”, and this upper limit determines the height you can reach. Many players often complain about how to learn tactics. Every game is different. Today, I will tell you how to make your own landing location according to the situation.

Today Let’s talk about the island. Let’s first look at the picture above. Let’s divide the map into 9 areas, which are numbered 1-9.

At the beginning of the game, first analyze the route to see which areas the route passes through, here A few examples to analyze

Let’s first talk about the 456 route. In this area, there are G towns, hospitals, ruins, schools, houses, P-city, prisons, farms, M-city, air-raid shelters, nuclear power plants, L City can jump. This route can be said to be the most expensive route on the island. If you find that the route is this after entering the game, please take your idea of ​​hitting the wilderness to a distance of one hundred and eighty thousand miles. This route covers almost half of the resources of the game. If you still choose to play wild, it is universally equipped. If it is not very good, we will greatly reduce our chicken feeding rate because we have no advantage in equipment. If the route is rich, we can choose to skydiving in the middle and back of the route. It is best not to wait until Finally, the chances of encountering the sacred circle may increase. Secondly, many people will choose to parachute at the end, and the chance of getting a gun when landing is not conducive to our survival. Under this route, our best skydiving locations are P City and M City (two different directions)

Let’s talk about the diagonal route, such as 4523, which is compared to Route 456. In terms of poverty, on this route, we need to set a foothold suitable for us according to our own ability and style of play. If the shooting method is very good, we can choose the G port container area to land, easy to collect equipment, Complex terrain, if there is a good shot, it will be able to kill the encirclement. If the shooting method is not good, then choose the opposite Y city as the foothold, you can get better under the chance of reducing the landing gun. The disadvantage of the equipment is that there is a high probability that you need to run the circle. On the eve of the shrinking circle, you should pay attention to finding the vehicle

Through the above two examples, we can find that 1, 4, 6, and 8 are the most fat, so if we want to use the game of playing wild, we must avoid entering 4 Areas, otherwise there is a high probability that the enemy ambushed early will sneak into death. The player who should play wild players should be active in the 2nd and 5th regions. Because there are relatively many wild areas in this area, if you are willing to break your leg, you will definitely be able to collect a good set of equipment, especially the R in the 2 areas. City, there is a high probability to brush out the vehicle, and relatively speaking, the map center is relatively close, whether it is running or robbing the air has a good effect; and the 5 regional farm location also has a large number of unnamed rooms can be collected.

The above is 9 grid analysis method for landing position and I have dealt with the routes and hope to help everyone.

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