PUBG Mobile guide Can’t find enemy location? Try these methods

In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the battlefield, sometimes the player will find the enemy shooting in the small map, but follow the bullet mark to find the enemy, but the result is no gain, sometimes even When the enemy is killed, what should I do if the player can’t find the specific location of the enemy? ?

First, if you find a gunshot around the town but can’t find anyone, it is recommended that the player go to the roof of the highest building in the town and use the advantages of wide view to observe the town’s every move, the enemy will always be exposed. Horse feet.

Second, find the enemy in the house but do not know which house is in the vicinity , million Do not rush into the house search, you can choose to observe in the periphery, first Watch the door of this house open. If the door is kept open, you need to pay special attention to ; or find that the glass of the house is broken, you need to pay special attention.

It is recommended to observe the position of the wall in the house, because the view at the wall is wide. And the wall can also act as a bunker when it is just a gun. Not can rush into the house, if you have to choose to enter the house, you can first lose a bomb, so that the danger in the room will be minimized .

Third, the enemy disappeared in the wild in the Our field of view, usually the terrain is uneven, and can not The first time to continue to follow up, you can first use the scope to enlarge the field of view to see if the enemy will be exposed to your field of vision. If it is found for a while that the enemy does not appear at all, if you want to follow up, you must pay attention, this is likely Explain that the enemy has found our move, and then ambush , it is very dangerous to follow suit.

If it is a method of assault, it is recommended to select “Detour tactics”, don’t chase along the line. If the enemy is ambushing here, our fixed angle of view will be locked in the player’s straight pursuit direction. Therefore, of “bypass tactics” can reduce the risk of .

Fourth, the use of stone trees and other bunkers disappeared in Our enemies in the field of vision, do not rush to take assault tactics, enemy Can use these bunkers to completely disappear into your field of vision, which means enemies have a good chance to know your position, although reveals the position but The opponent can observe our one-stop movement through the third person visual.

At this time, it is recommended that the player directly throw away the grenade and throw one at each of the left and right sides of the bunker. Because has a high probability of knocking down the target , even if there is no knockdown , Residual blood or nervousness and jump out of the shelter .

5. If the finals are refreshed into the wild, most players will choose to move forward. Because the height of the grass just covers the body of the game character, it is difficult for the player to find the enemy lying down when lying down.

In most cases, the player can know whether the surroundings are based on the signals in the footprints of the minimap. Some people can also listen to the sound. Once you find a body scrubbing sound, this means the enemy is by your side.


If the player shoots and does not knock down the enemy In case of being escaped by the enemy, it is not recommended to continue chasing. Players may wish to try the above tactics of play !

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