PUBG Mobile guide Why do people always land earlier than you? Decipher the paradox of parachuting

In the exciting battlefield, if you want to choose a hot spot for parachute landing, the first person to land will definitely have an advantage, so many small partners want to use various methods to land as early as possible, but always It was found that some people had to go first, and then they were screened by the already armed enemy, and they hated the next game. There have been a lot of descriptions about skydiving before. I have probably checked it out here. There are three main arguments that are most true:

1. Slanting: At Previous version If we fly in one direction after skydiving, the approximate flight distance is 1 6 00 meters, and if you use the oblique flying technique, you can jump to 2 0 00 meters away, but because the oblique flight requires special operations, the accuracy may be far worse than direct Landing, but in the early days of the game, it is more safe to protect yourself from the route. The approximate operation of the diagonal flight is to push the joystick in one direction after the umbrella is opened. The direction of the human head is unchanged, so that Fly farther at the same time; but in previous version After the update, the interested friends will find that this method is not working, because after this update, the mechanism of skydiving has been modified, and the main purpose of the oblique flight is to fly farther instead of Landing earlier, so the idea that the diagonal flight can land earlier is just a rumor of rumors.

2. Subduction: In fact, for the fastest landing, this is also the easiest way to understand. I have obtained a set of data after testing, first directly pulling the field of view when the target is 230 meters horizontally. In the end, then we will land vertically at a limit speed of 234KM/H. In fact, many players have found that opening the umbrella at this speed, the speed after opening the umbrella will obviously be much faster than 126KM/H (if the limit speed is not reached, it may only be 75KM/H after the umbrella is opened, and the limit speed is reached. Choose the speed of 100+), it is very reliable to land faster by this method, so if you want to land quickly, you must pay attention to the limit speed before opening the umbrella, otherwise an open umbrella will be pulled with the enemy. Open a big gap.

3. Three-stage: This routine has been seen in many professional videos and articles. The principle is that the horizontal landing speed will be faster than the forward flight, and the flight attitude will be constantly adjusted. Can be quickly and accurately landed. In fact, this way of landing is very similar to the “dancing umbrella” landing method that we used to use. Using the repeated speeding and deceleration of the parachute can greatly improve the flight distance after we open the umbrella. The above three-stage skydiving also uses this principle.

But no matter what, we have done a test on each of the three methods, and chose a fixed distance as the destination for skydiving. The result is unexpected. The landing time of the three methods is almost the same. Because in the game, the fixed distance falls the same time, so there are two kinds of arguments on the Internet, one is to jump early and fall early, the other is to jump on the top of the head and then fall vertically, both of which have certain Reason, but not right, need to analyze the specific situation.

Because we have to consider one thing, that is the habit of the planeSex. To put it simply, even if we do nothing after we leave the plane, we will continue to fly in the direction of the route. So if you want to land faster, you must take this flight inertia into consideration.

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