PUBG Mobile guide refuses to be a marginal person, playing wild game from the farm

In the stimulating battlefield, no matter how the player chooses to drop, as long as the name has a surname, it is inevitable that disputes and the possibility of landing into a box, so there are clever players to discover, in fact, on the map. There are a lot of unmarked areas, but there are many buildings that can be collected. As long as you are willing to move your legs, you can still collect good equipment. However, in the early stage of this style of play, many players were too focused on the “unnamed room” on the edge of the map to land, although they avoided the fate of landing into a box, but because these unnamed rooms are remote and there are no vehicles around, Once the shrinkage circle is not matched, not only is the time for collecting equipment very tight, but the whole game is in the lap, and finally falls into a state of chronic death.

So under the research of many players, playing wild game is no longer marginal. It has become a mainstream gameplay. In such an environment, all kinds of funny wild gameplays are emerging one after another. Today, I will introduce you to a wild-type idea of ​​fighting around the farm.

First of all, the landing site chooses the unnamed housing area on the left side of the farm as much as possible. The benefits of landing here are very many. First of all, compared with other wild areas, the building is still worth both in quantity and density.

And we can find that the large resource points around the farm are the least, listen It may not be like a good thing, but there are fewer people, and there are fewer things. We can slowly collect our resources without worrying about the previous war.

At the same time, because this area is backed by mountains, because of the terrain, the enemy of P City and the school is unlikely to come to the mountain to find us trouble in the first time, and most of the enemies coming out of the farm The following are all driving directly, and the enemies without cars are also easy to hide in the house, it is easy to find them when the enemy is transferred, and because the open area of ​​the farm area is also rare, if we want, we can Kill or block a lot of enemies here, the specific tactics need to analyze the specific situation.

In terms of tactical transfer, this point also has a unique advantage, we put The shrinkage circle is divided into four directions of up, down, left and right to analyze.

The direction of the circle is in the upper part of the map: we can proceed directly in the direction of the map, so as to avoid the enemies of the school, and to steal the development in the unknown room on the road.

The direction of the circle is in the lower part of the map: there is only a military base under the farm. It is not recommended to take the direction of M city. It is too dangerous. Here we can choose to find a boat by the water and then pass the vessel. The mobility is chosen to be a bit more sloppy in the position.

The direction is in the left half of the map: directly follow the route on the map to find the car along the road, but be sure to be careful of the enemies coming out of P City.In particular, the location marked on the map is a high-risk location, so be sure to avoid it as much as possible.

The direction of the circle is in the right half of the map: here we need to find another way, we must not rush straight to the farm. At this time, the best choice is still to choose the waterway, and finally choose at the nuclear power plant or L The city is on the shore and can guarantee your own safety.

The above is some ideas for the farm to fight the wild, I hope to help everyone.

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