PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest map exploration! Kehao town drop point search

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, the arrival of the new map Sano must have made the player’s most troublesome choice. It doesn’t matter, let’s take a look at the rainforest map with a lot of resources and relatively safe areas. It is Kehao Town, let’s take a look at it !

[Area Overview]

Kehao Town is an intermediate resource point located on the northern edge of the rainforest map. It is not far from Tamok, another small resource point in the south. There are no resources in the other major directions in the east, west and north. Belongs to a relatively independent area. Because it is located in the northern edge of the rainforest map, the number of people who settle in it is generally not too much. In addition, the area has direct access to the road and has a greater chance of brushing out the vehicle. So drop here unless you encounter an enemy , Under normal circumstances, don’t worry about running the circle.

[Regional Building]

Kehao Town is extremely densely built The building interval is extremely small. The main building is made up of wooden single-layered and different sizes. The structure of the entire area is relatively uniform. Therefore, comparison is convenient, but because of the dense construction, it is easy to distinguish the direction, resulting in repeated searches. So you need to pay attention to route planning before searching.

[Drop and route planning]

Most cases I rarely meet enemies here, but I need to know how to deal with them once I encounter them.

It is recommended to drop the 1 area as follows:

The purpose of the drop here is to follow up on the quick search to avoid repeated searches.

The recommended route is as follows:

If there are enemy landings before landing, then our The location of the placement needs to be changed.

The recommended placements are as follows:

The purpose of landing here is also very simple. We can use the buildings in this area to get enough supplies and weapons to arm ourselves. For example, a valid warehouse is a typical high-quality material brushing point. In most cases, you can get the main assault rifles such as AKM, QBZ, etc. As for the remaining three buildings in the area, it is necessary to obtain other materials and use them as follow-up card points.

Because no matter which area of ​​the enemy is in Kezhen, the target will eventually pass us. The area is , close to road Looking for vehicle , the vehicle is also brushed out in the southern part of our area. Therefore, you don’t have to panic when you encounter an enemy. With peace of mind in the area, the enemy will definitely go to us.

[Transfer route]

The transfer time is up. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to avoiding large resource points. If conditions permit, you can search for Ono along the way. Area.

If the safe area is brushed to the west of the map, then we can pass through Tamok directly and cross the bridge to the river.

If the safe zone is facing the center or east or south, then we will You can directly choose Line 2, pay attention to the line, try to avoid the hot spot of Paradise Resort. At this time, a lot of players who ran out in advance or who have already searched the area will inevitably want to rob, so try to avoid it.

If the security zone is facing the center of the map or the south, then we can Select Line 3 and travel from Tekmo and bypass the Paradise Resort towards the central area.

Overall, Kehao Town is a safer medium-sized resource. Points, whether in a single row or in multiple rows, allow the entire team to develop. Novice players are worth a try!

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