PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Do not lose air guns! I will always love the QBZ rifle.

The appearance of the rainforest map makes those “steel gun warriors” loudly applauded. In addition to their landing, they can easily pick up the guns for the first time and the enemy. The appearance of the domestic rifle QBZ95 is also one of the reasons. Originally, I was very vocal about the position where it replaced the SCAR rifle in the rainforest map. When I actually used it, I was circled for the first time, um~ really fragrant!

In reality, QBZ95 is also known as the “95-type automatic rifle”. It is an assault rifle developed by the China Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation 208 Research Institute. It is one of the standard rifles of the People’s Liberation Army of China. The QBZ95 rifle, which is so big, has been quite satisfactory to the players in the battlefield. One of the most important factors is the word “stable”.

As the first large-scale assault rifle of the People’s Liberation Army, the QBZ95 with no support structure has the characteristics of strong stability, high precision and strong attack power. The QBZ95 rifle, which inherits all the advantages of reality, is also quite powerful in the stimulating battlefield. It is no longer difficult to detect single-point and close-range shots in the medium and long distance! With it, it is no longer necessary to get the ticket early because of the temptation of airborne materials. As for why, you face the high resource refresh rate of the rainforest map, and then hold the performance without losing the airdrop weapon, which is called “a resource point can be seen” QBZ95, will you be so obsessed with the death of the air?

Fast single-point stable dog, single point is “dog more than dog” is our big 95 type label. Believe me, you only need to open a single point to see people, you will be able to eat chicken easily! Of course, if you kill yourself, if the enemy sticks to your face, you will still be self-sufficient. As the saying goes: When you want to eat chicken, you still have to learn to be flexible, and you can sing it more than a spray that is close to your face.

There is another very interesting thing about mentioning QBZ95: a rifle that can appear as a rainforest map in a stimulating battlefield. In fact, it is not suitable for field operations in reality. The Type 95 machine has a high height, no matching AUG optical sight, and the handle is set in the machine. This allows the warrior to expose a large body area behind the bunker to risk his aiming shot, and the towering front star in front of the barrel is vulnerable to collision or hanging foreign objects in the jungle.

These two factors led the Chinese People’s Liberation Army to use the 95-type rifle as an inland resident force armed police public security use, while the border guards The type 03 automatic rifle is used.

呃… Although for military fans, using QBZ95 in the rainforest map has a bit of a sense of violation, but with its super good feel, moderate speed and cool to no friends The appearance, the small details of “violation” can be ignored! “Zhuxiang warning” to understand?

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