PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest map features and analysis of play ideas!

The Rainforest Map is the version map that players are most looking forward to at this stage. I believe that the most concerned issue for all players is the terrain of the rainforest map and how the gameplay is different from the previous map. In this issue, we have brought the new version of the rainforest map to the game through the terrain and architectural features of the rainforest map.

[Map Features]

Rainforest Map is a highly restored tropical rainforest Map The tropical plants on the map are almost all over the map, and there are many thatched colonies with tropical jungles in Southeast Asia. Compared with the previous island and desert maps, the tropical rainforest map is more vivid and vivid, making the player nervous and able to experience the unique scenery of the rainforest.

The terrain of the tropical rainforest is also the most distinctive. Throughout the map, there is almost no plain area. Except for some large resource points, all the battle lines of the players are almost all established in various mountainous and hilly areas. And because the vegetation is densely mountainous, there are more hiding places, trees, and stones provide shelter for players who fight in the mountains.

[play change]

When the players leave the large resource points, they will enter the real rain forest to fight, and The most common of these is the Southeast Asian village buildings, or two or three scattered, or three or five groups. This building is quite different from the buildings in the island and desert maps. The first is that the number of floors is not high, and there are basically no buildings with more than two floors. Secondly, the buildings are often built in low-lying areas, and the windows are small, so the players in the building cannot get a good view. Therefore, in this map, the selection of houses and buildings will no longer be preferred, so how to choose ?

1 More mountain top

The high point advantage and visual advantage of the building in the rainforest map are no longer needed, so you want to get the view and height again. Point advantage, then you can only rely on the top of the high point area. Of course, it is not a random bare mountain top that can be used as a point, unless you are not afraid of the opponent’s eight times M24. The priority is to consider the top of the mountain with more stones, so as to ensure that the opponent’s subsequent damage can be largely avoided when attacked.

2 slopes with slow slope

Sometimes due to trees Dense, the view of the top of the mountain will be blocked by these vegetation. At this time we can also consider the hillside and mountainside map card points. However, it should be noted that the slopes with steep slopes must not be stuck to avoid being attacked by the high enemy behind them and unable to fight back.A gentle slope can defend or counter the enemy in a higher area with the stones around it.

Compared with the previous map, the mountain map is lush and lush, which is more suitable for stealth. In the multi-group mode, it is easier to pull the line and pack and then use tactics. Similarly, we also need to deliberately guard against such opponents’ thinking. Seeing the six directions, paying attention to multiple directions as much as possible, instead of staring at one point, because it is likely that the enemy behind you is quietly approaching when you aim. !

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