PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Old players are crying. What happened to the new version?

This summer’s most exciting new battlefield version is coming! Whether you are a newcomer or an old driver, you can enjoy the full benefits. This is a new version of the ship that you have never experienced before. At 8 o’clock in the year… (cough, it seems to be a bit of a problem) I don’t care, you must not miss it anyway.

Still hesitating to join the battlefield for no contact with similar games? Don’t worry now! What about the new “news training camp” in the battlefield? Compared with the name of the boot camp, I prefer to call it the “old driver crash class”. In the five-day training program, gold coins, experience, fashion and other rewards are just as many! Just follow the task content step by step, then you will definitely become a good big (tu) high (tou) play.

As an old player who has already entered the pit, when I see the full benefits of the boot camp, the cheeks I couldn’t help but leave two lines of tears: this is too unfair! I want to be a recruit… I want to reward! ! !

The welfare of the battlefield specially prepared for Meng is not available, but everything should be paid attention to the rain and dew. For the old players, less welfare is not a gun. For the players who are tired of the same “arms” of the same type and want to replace their weapons with new clothes, the arrival of the guns has allowed them to see the dawn of hope.

Imagine playing with all kinds of arrogant and cool “new” guns on the battlefield. I am still a little excited! Hey, you said that after the painting, the gun is too conspicuous and easy to be discovered by the opponent? Still save the mind, young people, players who generally have this idea will not be able to hide from the end of GG even if you give a camouflage paint. I want to do so much, as long as it is handsome, it will be done!

From the various cool to the painter’s painting without friends, we can see that stimulating the battlefield is the rhythm of starting the wild route! Although the battle for 100 people to eat chicken is enough “wild”, but in the new version, there are signal guns to help stimulate the battlefield is really worthy!

As a firearm with only a small probability in the new version of the map, the small signal gun is capable of summoning the presence of airdrops. The use of a signal gun in the safe zone will summon a “yellow smoke airdrop”, and outside the safe zone will drop the “steel giant beast” bulletproof UAZ. Once the signal gun is launched, it is telling the world: I am going to drop the plane here, come hit me~ Hey, that scene… it’s hard to look back!

With the addition of new maps, new weapons, and signal guns, the battle in the battlefield is bound to become more intense. I think, call it “the most recent version of the battlefield to stimulate the battlefield”, should no one object?

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