Analysis of the card points and placements of the YB building of the PUBG Mobile guide training base

In the rainforest map, the training base is one of the most popular points. First, it has a good geographical position, and secondly, it is rich in materials, which is called a resource point. The two advantages make the area a favorite of landing gun players. In this issue, we are talking about one of the key buildings of the training base, Y Building.

[Architectural Overview]

Y is located in the central area of ​​the training base and is the largest building in the area. Among the many buildings in the training ground, its material is the most abundant, of course, the number of people in the building is also the largest in the area, so you want to become The owner of the Y building, there is no certain operational thinking and skills is almost impossible.

[Place Selection]

Preferred Roof Position, Field of View Ok, and relatively safe from top to bottom. But know that players with the same idea can be more than one of us. At the same time as the opponents landed, it is good to get the weapons first. If the opponents get the weapons first, we must think about our own retreat in advance, so we recommend the following three points.

1 area

Pay attention to the red line area as much as possible in the picture above, avoid greed for roof materials, if there is no hand weapon in the red frame area You should stand down the stairs to the second floor and look for weapons to avoid being knocked down by enemies with weapons on the top. Similarly, if the opponent’s position is too close and it takes a certain amount of time to reach the stairs, we can also directly drop from the skylight in the red dot area, which is faster.

2 area

The area is also the same as The 1 area is the mirror point. There is basically no difference between the two, there are stairs and skylights. In most cases, as long as the reaction speed is slightly faster, you can quickly go down to the second floor to avoid the threat of the enemy on the roof.

3 area

The area is selected as the top of the building The last choice. Because most of the time, apart from the red box area, the external area is more dangerous. Because many times the roof will encounter more enemies, although most of the time the area can get certain supplies, but even if we give priority to the weapons, we need to be as early as possible.From the top of the rooftop fall as early as possible to avoid multi-directional enemies. At this point, you should also pay attention to the fact that many enemies that do not fall to the top of the building may flood in from the outside. After acquiring the weapons, you must pay attention to quickly clean up the enemies that are about to enter, avoiding the opponents acquiring weapons and increasing the difficulty of cleaning.

[Note location]

Generally most of the time We will choose to guard the card points on the second floor and gradually clean up the enemies in the building. On the second floor, you need to pay attention to the following key positions.

First of all, the stairs on the second floor of the north side are directly on the second floor. This is one of the necessary roads for the enemy downstairs. Beware of being touched by your opponent. Secondly, the corridor from the first floor to the second floor in the second floor is the only way for the enemy to go downstairs. It is also a key location that needs to be guarded against.

The other is the mirrored area on the south side. There are also two corridors that are the key entry points for the enemy, and they all require more attention.

Ok, the above is the training that I brought to you in this issue. The base Y building’s summary of the placement and card points, I hope more players help.

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