PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: How should the final moment of the finals run to make you eat chicken?

In “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”, I believe that many of my friends are just like the sister-in-law, who can easily get a few people in the early days. When I entered the finals in the late game, I was always killed at this critical time. It was very smooth in the early period. Why did you stick to the finals but you would be killed? It is very angry!

It’s estimated that the little friends are just like the sisters. When they reach the finals, they are nervous and not calm enough. I haven’t mastered the running circle skills in the finals. I will be killed. Today, I will give you a science popularization. When we are in the finals, how should we run the circle is the safest.

How to run

Let’s talk about the most basic The operation, how to run in the final circle.

It is possible that many small partners will be afraid of being hit by the huge high-risk grid during the finals, so generally Select the path with the shortest distance to enter the safe zone.

This is actually not desirable, and it is attached to the edge of the safe area when time permits. The progress of the roundabout will be more secure and secure. At least you can guarantee that your side is safe and there will be no enemies.

Suitable start running circle

There are some small partners who may be temperamental or possible I am afraid of eating and hurting. As soon as the safety zone is refreshed, I will rush to start running in the safe area, for fear that I will be hurt a little.

This practice will greatly increase your chances of being killed. In the final round, most of the time They are all Voldemort. As the saying goes, the guns are the first birds. Everyone hides behind their bunkers and waits for the first person who can’t stand it. As long as this person appears, everyone will set him on fire.

So don’t worry when you are in the finals, although the damage in the finals is high, but it is not Direct spike. It is okay to get a little bit of damage. Be sure to stabilize your mind and not be the first to rush out.

Where to pay attention to the running circle

When running the finals, be sure to Watch out for enemies behind the bunkers you pass by.

The final circle is originally small, everyone is gathered in a small area, all people will be subconscious Go find a shelter to protect yourself.

There is a great chance behind the bunker in the finals to hide the enemy. Maybe someone is waiting for you to run and then wait for the rabbit to collect Your courier. Therefore, when you are in the final circle, you must pay attention to the bunkers around you and be alert to the enemy.

Greedy is not good end

In the finals, In addition to being calm and calm, the most important thing is not to be greedy. If you have enough supplies, don’t greet the boxes that have been knocked down.

Sometimes when you are lucky enough to drop a box, you need to do it right away from the drop box. Instead of greedy, rushed to the box.

AWM in the finals does not give you any advantage, but it may cause you to be in the box. People set fire attacks.

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