PUBG Mobile guide A wonderful new experience!

New Map – Passionate Rainforest Coming soon Meet the players, I believe in the experience of new guns and sensory stimulation After , there is still a problem with more players, that is, unfamiliar with the new map, let’s take a look at the new map “Sano”!

In the rainforest map, not only the map area is smaller, but the game rhythm will be faster. And weapons and other materials are relatively richer, so the intensity of the game is not comparable to the previous map.

[Map Structure]

With the previous two maps The difference is that the rainforest map has more components. Overall, can be The entire large map is divided into three sections, and each island section is connected by each bridge. Compared with the old map, the rainforest’s river channel is shallower. Most of the time, it is easier to pass the river channel without crossing the bridge. In contrast, large vessel vehicles are difficult to control in such narrow and shallow rivers. It is very difficult to turn around.

[Security Zone]

The first difference is that the refresh time of the safe zone has changed a lot.

The normal safety zone refresh time of the other two images is:

First lap: 5 points

Second lap: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Third lap: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Fourth lap: 2 points

Fifth lap: 2 points

The refresh time of the rainforest map is:

First lap: 2 points

Second lap: 2 points

Third lap: 1 minute 30 seconds

Fourth lap: 1 point

Fifth lap: 45 seconds

To know that the whole game is to promote the progress and rhythm of the game through the safe zone, and the rainforest map is circled. Time is significantly faster, so in the map Plus the test of time planning after landing the player, the farther away from the security zone would require the earlier laps slightly.

[Building Type]

Rainforest mainstream buildings can be broadly divided into three categories: sporadic thatched cottages, settlement wooden houses, and cement white houses in camps.

Thatched cottages are a ubiquitous building in the rainforest map. This kind of building is mainly distributed in the form of two or three in the form of various roads. The internal structure of the building is simple and the search is quick, but the advanced materials are less. Generally, wild players are more frequented.

The wooden houses in the settlement are some of the larger and medium-sized buildings. For example, Pai Nan is a heavy resource point consisting of more single and double-storey wooden houses. The single-storey structure in the wooden house is relatively simple, and the multi-layer is slightly complicated, but the inside view of the building is poor and the defense is difficult.

The camp cement house is a part of a medium-sized building. For example, in Camp No. 3, the buildings are rich in resources, and the building structure is simple. Most of the locations can be climbed and climbed. Relatively speaking, it is an enemy with more concentrated materials and better search.

Of course, in addition to the more common buildings above, there are a few special ones. Buildings, such as the giant Asian classical architecture of Paradise Resort and the large altar-style buildings unique to the altar area, will not be repeated, and more players will need to enter the game to explore.

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