PUBG Mobile guide Is there a ghost in the house? These points teach you to deal with the house LYB

In the stimulating battlefield, collecting items into the house is almost a necessary process in the game. Many LYB players have learned to use this game mechanism to quickly use the method of driving or accelerating landing. Occupy a building, then close the door and hide in a small room to quietly wait for the prey to be arrested. Many players who do not have the heart will often be relieved of the vigilance by seeing the door closed, so that they are being collected when collecting materials. The player took the ass, and in the stimulating battlefield, he clearly killed a lot of enemies and escaped a wave of encirclement. Whether it is equipped with ammunition or medical drugs, the chicken is already in the bag. It’s something, this time I was accidentally stolen by LYB, and the depression in my heart is not a clear sentence. Today, we will tell you how to guard against the LYB in the house, so that you will never be eliminated.

First, pay attention to the surrounding sound

Many LYB players The favorite thing is to lie in some corners of the room, but because of the sound settings of the game, if the enemy makes some sounds in the house, it is completely audible, and there are still many ADHD players who will stay in the house and move from time to time. Therefore, when we enter the house, if time is not urgent, it is best to walk around the room first, because then the enemy in the house may adjust the position due to the interference of the sound. This is the best chance for us to listen to the sound. (Headphones are important), if there is a noise, we have to be careful.

Second, pay attention to the resources in the house

In the game, we get supplies The main locations are in the house, so the resources in the house are usually quite rich, so we have to check the room for suspicious things when we enter the house. For example, there is a M16 but no Bullets, or the number of strange bullets such as 10 rounds and 13 rounds, and if there are no resilience items in the house, be careful. It is very likely that the house will be ready to attack us. LYB.

Third, Carefully open the door

Sometimes even if there is no problem with the resources in the house, we can’t completely relax the vigilance. Some experienced LYB will even put down some resources to disguise the house as a no one, or not at all. When you touch the materials in the house for fishing law enforcement, we will use the side-opening method when opening the door. Do not enter immediately after opening the door. Instead, use the third-person vision advantage to observe the corner of the room first and confirm the safety and enter.

Fourth, familiar with the structure of the house

All of the above are passive The way to deal with it, but in the actual game we will be all kinds ofFactors affect, many times there is not so much time to carry out a slow search, this time we have to learn to take the initiative, because a house is only that big, and the location of Tibetans is only a few (such as It is necessary to be familiar with these places, and we can go straight to these places, confirm the safety and then collect materials back, so the efficiency will be much higher.

Fifth, vehicle

If you find an abnormal vehicle next to the house (such as a car in a fake garage), In this case, we must consider whether to retreat. Generally, the use of vehicles for mobile concealment is the enemy of team operations. If you are not confident in your own shooting methods, don’t fight hard with the enemy, but wait for an opportunity to leave. .

The above considerations can greatly reduce the probability of us being yin, so careful Playing, there are certainly many players who will feel trouble, but in fact those high-end players have turned the above habits into nature, will not feel very troublesome, naturally entering the house will be very careful, so this may be why some players will card The reason for not going in some segments.

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