PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] This is called exciting the battlefield! Fast-paced rainforest map hits

Following the Jedi Island and the Passion Desert, a new map to stimulate the battlefield: the warm rainforest – Sano is also coming strong. Here is a paradise of guns and madmen, and also a holy place in the hearts of the major Voldemort and LYB. In the rainforest map, will you see new routines and tactics, ready to meet new maps? Don’t want to go out and bend in the hot summer vacation? Let’s take a look at the tropical “resort” that stimulates the battlefield?

Speaking of the word “rainforest”, the players first think of the dense jungle and complex terrain. In the rainforest, you must not only face opponents that may emerge at any time, but also those who are hiding in the dark. What, you said that this is not the case in the old map! If you really think so, then I can only say three words to you: young people.

Compared to the two old maps of 8*8, 100 players in the 4*4 rainforest map with only one quarter of their size will be able to truly experience what is “four sides of the song”. Not only that, but the new “map” is small, but the “five dirty” is even more exaggerated than the old map! More intensive resource points and higher resource refresh rates make the entire new map more flamboyant. For the big guns, you can enjoy the battle in the new map! At this point, my aura flashed a brow and found that it was not simple…

The dense jungle, the complex terrain and the bunkers that can be seen everywhere are not the “paradise” that LYB dreams of! As long as there is a heart that wants to last forever, what if the map is small? I can still find a day in a small map of people everywhere. “You can be more awkward, you can just get more.” This is the theme of the rainforest map, where players can fly themselves and play more routines. Say you may not believe it, I can play on the floor for a day.

Now that there is a new map, will the new equipment be far behind? The new weapon QBZ rifle, which was born in conjunction with the rainforest map, is also in the new version. As the first domestic rifle to stimulate the battlefield, QBZ’s performance will certainly not disappoint players. The handsome appearance is just one of its many advantages. The most important thing is that its performance in actual combat is also very eye-catching: just the right rate of fire, the stability that novices can easily grasp, I believe there is a QBZ rifle to help out, everyone in the rainforest map It will definitely be more handy.

In the upcoming new version, the map can also brush out the long-awaited letter! number! gun! Airdrops are no longer an unpredictable existence. Go quickly and look for signal guns. The coveted supplies are at your fingertips! Of course, you have to be prepared for the opponents attracted by the signal flare. Although the signal gun is good, but others can not control who sent the signal, they only know that there is an empty throw to fall.

After the baptism of the Jedi Island and the Passion Desert, I believe that everyone can feel the real excitement in the warm rainforest.

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