PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] The battlefield is amazed by the Ferris wheel? You are not mistaken for the amusement park!

The rainforest map is called “the scorpion” in the new version, and it can be said that there is no shortage of time. When the new map was hidden in front of your eyes and forgot to open, our old folk island map quietly started.

Desert maps are accompanied by sports cars, and the new maps are eye-catching with “young beauty”. If the island map does not do anything, I am really sorry for the position of my big brother.

If you are running on the map, you will encounter a hot air balloon hanging in the distance, inadvertently aiming at it. See the Ferris wheel, then you must not be wrong! That’s right, there are new playground resources in our island map.

“There are plenty of materials, and the search for it is easy to match.” These are not praised by the bad praise. Are these gadgets more attractive than the Ferris wheel in our playground? ! As the only movable building in the battlefield, the slowly rotating Ferris wheel is huge for the player. Hey, let the door that shouted every house move and drag it out for me…

The playground is erratic in the map of the island, which fully demonstrates the essence of the “tour” In each game, it will appear randomly in a corner of the map. It is not difficult to find an amusement park. Just look at the hot air balloon floating in the sky and the iconic Ferris wheel, even if you can see it from afar.

If you want to enjoy the scenery in the amusement park, you need to have a good gunmanship. Have you seen the plane route just passing through the amusement park, is it comparable to the skydiving scene at the airport? The timid player is afraid to face the full screen parachute, they have to choose to turn around and ran.

Have you experienced the feeling of brushing the playground to the finals? That can only be described in one word, that is “cool”! I promise that I just wanted to go to the amusement park to see if it happened. After a gust of wind and clouds, I looked at the ever-rotating Ferris wheel and I had a bold idea…

“I heard that people who like to ride the Ferris wheel are not too bad luck”, waiting for the safety zone to refresh in the Ferris wheel , actually brushed three days of life! Hey, the players who are stimulating the battlefield are getting more and more violent. It’s obvious that they are turning a blind eye to the amusement park. Is it interesting to start with each other with a gun? Thinking about life for such a long time on the Ferris wheel, no one noticed my existence. If that’s the case, can’t you blame me? This chicken is fixed!

Pool, party, Ferris wheel! What is more attractive than this in the hot summer? It is waiting for you in an unknown wild area, so go and find it~

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