PUBG Mobile guide specific analysis, island route tactical guidance

In the stimulating battlefield, the most familiar picture of the player is the island map. The tactical play of the island map, as well as the topography and geomorphology, are also the most familiar. However, it is not very easy to eat chicken on the island. The reason is that the players on the island map are very powerful. What is the most important thing to eat in the tiger between the strong ones is to take the lead. Whether it’s a landing gun or a wild donkey, you must have a detailed plan and a reasonable route, but in the game, whether it is a route or a circle is random, in most cases we can only adapt.

However, through long-term accumulation, we found that there are still many on this map. It is the route, and here we give you a detailed analysis of the landing points and routes of several major routes, hoping to help everyone better score at the beginning of the season.

If the route is at the top of the map, this situation must be a tough, because the upper part of the island map is generally poor. At this time, our best way to play is to transfer, not to be with the enemy. Some barren resource points are confrontational. The correct approach should be to develop away from the dispute as soon as possible, and then come back to harvest. It is recommended to transfer to R City and Y City. These two points can get a lot of resources while still It can limit the transfer of other enemies to the greatest extent, and it can definitely make a difference.

The lower end route will be more fertile. At this time, we must choose the skydiving location according to the tacit understanding of the team. For example, if we cooperate with each other, we can choose N port to land for development, or choose M. At this point in the city, here is a place to talk about the city of M. The terrain here is actually very similar to the Y city of R City, because the enemies of N port and military base are likely to choose to transfer here, and M city is like an enemy. Like the pulse, once we grasp the aorta of the enemy’s transfer, we can quickly control the rhythm of the game and gain a great advantage for ourselves.

Next is the left route. The biggest feature of the left route is “Upper and poor”, so in the tactical thinking, you can simply divide it into just and 苟, want to just? G port / school / Hospital randomly selected. I want to pick you up? P port / mine / fishing village to pick you up. In addition to this obvious distribution, we can also choose to land near the wilderness area of ​​the popular point, such as the wild area in the southwest of the hospital, and also get good development.

The situation on the right is much more complicated, but the more complicated the situation is, the more suitable it is to fish. This route has a lot of large resources, but here we recommend the two points of prison and air-raid shelter for the simple reason. Because these two points are relatively simple from the topography, they also reduce the difficulty of the gun. In many cases, it is a basic skill, and it will not be attacked by all kinds of smashing enemies. Choice, at the same time the materials in these two places are still rich, most importantly, the vehicles will be refreshed near the prison, so that we can transfer.

Finally, let’s talk about the slash route. In fact, the slash route is very well understood. Just look at the position of the starting point and the end point, and directly position it as left and right and up and down, and the random strain is the positive solution.

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