PUBG Mobile guide: The easiest chicken trip in history, it’s inexplicable to eat chicken.

After playing four more rows, today, I suddenly want to come to a single-row game to see how my recent technical training has been done. Is it still like the sunset red strokes, can only give people a courier.

Now that we have decided to test our own shooting methods, we will not jump in the wilderness area this time. We will jump directly to G Port and feel the thrill of the container war.

It is a popular spot G Port. I have already seen two peers in midair. I don’t know how many people are in the other directions.

Hurry up and shoot the gun, ready to fight!

Hahaha, poor child. Let me first touch UMP9 and you can only send you on the road. Who makes you skydiving slower than me. No wonder others! Take the landing and get a good start! Continue to work hard and try to eat chicken, hehe.

After a round of wrestling battles, I still have a good skill in my sister, haha!

Still dare to compare with me? Too much effort, not to send a courier to my sister. Just missing a M416, you just sent it to the sister is really intimate, give you a small red flower to praise.

After killing four enemies, I have successfully survived from G Port and praised me.

The entire G-Hong Kong supplies are all in one, and the sister is really fat. There are all kinds of medicines, and the weapons are also full. This equipment is not sorry for the efforts of the sisters! It seems that you have to squat a little later, and you can’t save too much.

It seems that today’s strength is not only improved, but even luck is very good! After killing the G port, there was no other person running along the road, running all the way happily, and then squatting on the edge of the finals. Is the destiny circle refreshed to the sister’s body?

I found a player with the same thoughts as my sister, but unfortunately, you are blocking the way forward, and you can only kill you. Otherwise, after running the circle sister will be unlucky, and the sister will shoot a headshot and worship.

It turns out that today is really the lucky day of my sister. Since occupying this bridgeside building complex, the safe area has not left. Always refreshed in the building group, sister I have always been a fate! With the advantage of the building, after only one name, there are only three players left.

As long as you keep the building, you can definitely eat chicken.

Sisters are the goddess of strength and beauty. Even God is standing on the side of her sister. This single-row road is just a relaxing and pleasant process except for the original G-Gang battle. I have been smashing the house and slamming the chicken.

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