PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: The ultimate counterattack, the salted fish turned over? Light grip into a new version of the darling!

There are many factors in determining whether a game can finally eat chicken in “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield”. A handful of weapons among many factors is definitely a crucial part. In PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield, there are a large number of weapons, each with different attributes and different operational feels. This causes the player to generally choose to specialize in a weapon, so whether or not to get a handy weapon is an important factor affecting eating chicken.

At the same time, the feel of a weapon is great, and it varies greatly depending on the accessories. Among the many weapon accessories, the grip that can significantly reduce the recoil of the weapon is definitely the top priority. How to choose a suitable grip is also a problem every player has to face.

In the recent update of “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating Battlefield”, a grip property was obtained. Modifications, let this old-handed grip salted fish turn over and start to become popular. This grip is: light grip.

In previous versions, the reason why the light grip was not loved by the player was that it had a negative effect of increasing the recoil of the weapon. In this update, the most criticized negative attribute of the light grip was removed, and new enhancements were added to greatly improve the stability of the shot and the recoil response.

After lifting the seat to reply to this attribute, everyone may understand what it means, so what does it mean to improve stability?

There are two attributes that affect weapon hits in PUBG Mobile: Stimulus Battlefield: vertical recoil and horizontal recoil. The general accessories will adjust the recoil property of one of them, and the stability of the light grip can be easily understood as the simultaneous adjustment of the vertical and horizontal recoil properties. It is very powerful.

(light grip)

(vertical grip)

Of course all theoretical data is fake, we still need to speak with actual performance. Here we use the most commonly used vertical grips for comparison.

In the game, use the full-fit Vector submachine gun in the training field, equipped with a light grip and a vertical grip. The comparison chart after the burst can be clearly seen. Compared to the vertical grip ballistic distribution, after the light grip is assembled, the left and right bullets of the entire ballistic track become randomly scattered, and basically the bullets are concentrated on one line. It can be said that the lightweight grip is superior to the vertical grip on the random spread of the bullet.

In terms of recoil, since the negative properties of the light grip have been removed, the vertical recoil performance is vertical and vertical. The grip is essentially flat, and the performance of the horizontal recoil is even slightly better than the vertical grip in multiple tests. In the test, the ballistics of the vertical grip sometimes sway randomly from side to side, while the light grip is basicallyKeeping the right tendency to move up, there will be little left and right shaking.

In summary, in the current version of the automatic weapon continuous shooting, the overall performance of the light grip will be slightly better than the vertical grip, becoming the player’s new darling, and in the even shot, have The lightweight grip that enhances the recoil response property can also deliver a huge advantage.

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