PUBG Mobile guide Rainforest landing! Aboriginal altar search and inventory ideas

Altar ! It is a place in the rainforest map where the area is not large, but the materials are extremely rich. Similar to the “village area” in the desert map, it has the advantages of concentrated materials and fast search. Therefore is also the favorite point for some players. If we choose to settle here, we need to pay attention to what ? How to Card points and guards ? Here we bring you the rainforest map “Altar” The interpretation of the point of play.

[Region Overview]

An advanced resource point for the altar Located in the southwestern part of the rainforest map, the terrain is relatively flat, surrounded by rolling hills and stone walls, surrounded by water. There are more small resources around the point. The most important thing is that the northern and eastern altars are not far from the two bridges, and they belong to the main traffic. This is also why the altar is biased towards the edge of the map, but the advantage of the lap is still obvious. There are no other large resource points around the altar. The obvious resource point is the Tambang in the southwest.

[Regional Building]

The main building of the area is a rectangle The overall architectural altar is composed. There are also several small altars and warehouse buildings around. The composition is relatively simple and the distance between each building is relatively far. Therefore, the placement point needs to be cautious, because in the initial case of an enemy, the transfer point is easily targeted by the opponent.

[Playing ideas]

Before talking about the game, you should also talk about the structure of the altar theme building. Many players are not very familiar with their internals, leading to landing and not knowing how to choose.

1 Top area

2 Middle area

3 bottom area

Almost all the materials of the altarIn the three areas mentioned above. The different areas of the landing point are bound to fall into different ways, and the risk factors are different.

Drop selection:

Selecting the altar area is basically two areas. One is the top and the other is the middle area. Why can’t I choose the bottom ? Because the bottom entrance is in the middle area.


At the top, the highest number of people are on the ground, so the risk factor is also the highest. However, because the terrain is high, as long as you can control the top area, subsequent counts can be gradually advanced. At the top of the landing point, you need to pay attention to the position of several sunroofs, as close as possible to the point of landing. Because the luck component of the landing is mostly, the opponent can not get the gun in the first place. So once you find that the situation is wrong, you can immediately use the skylight to go to the middle.

Central, a relatively safe area. There are a lot of weapons in the open air area in the central part, which can be picked up directly when landing, and the number is relatively small. Pay attention to the search, you can properly capture the corners of the open area, in order to obtain the field of view in both directions. When entering the interior area, you need to pay attention to the top and bottom areas. In general, it is recommended to clamp the top skylight position as much as possible in the middle area, as most of the top enemies will fall from this position. As for the bottom area, you can wait for the top enemy to clean up and then drop.

The last thing to say is Subject Several small altars around the altar. Especially if you are in the open area of ​​the middle and top, you need to pay special attention. Because it is very likely to be black guns by the enemies in these positions. So Be sure to as fast as possible into the inner area of ​​the altar.

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