PUBG Mobile guide What should SKS hold?

In “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield”, SKS is part of the precision shooter rifle. Its characteristics are mainly prominent in the long range of bullets, power and other aspects, generally used as medium-range, long-range fire suppression. Strong and strong, but the difficulty of using this gun is not one and a half. The firearms are not only powerful, but also rely heavily on gun accessories. The operation of the guns is believed to be completed by most players. However, as for some key accessories, many players don’t know how to match them. Let’s talk about SKS key accessories. How to choose one grip!

[Firearm Characteristics]

To properly assemble the right grip, you must understand the detailed performance of SKS. As we all know, all the guns in the game have a recoil of strong and weak. The most intuitive effect of recoil is the sharp jump of the sight. This is especially serious in SKS.

When SKS shoots, because the rear seat of the firearm itself is large, after the fire, the jump on the muzzle is very large. Of course, within a short time after the fire, the firearm will have a certain positive effect, that is, after the gun jumps. In a short time, the muzzle will naturally decline, similar to the so-called “reset”. The single “reset” is not a true “reset”. In most cases, the position of the collimated star after resetting will still deviate from the position of the original collimator, and the distance needs to be corrected by the player himself. This is called ” Pressure gun.”

[Gun reply]

Muzzle response is as follows:

Recoil recovery ! Can be said to affect SKS The most important point of speed and precision. will directly affects the speed and extent of the rebound of the crosshair after the shot. The faster the speed, the higher the degree of correction, and the higher the accuracy and speed of the shot. Therefore, in general, we will give priority to the grip with the muzzle recovery speed.

[Common grip]

Vertical grip: Many players like to install a vertical grip because the vertical grip is the most intuitive The property is to greatly reduce the vertical backseat, but everyone ignores a very important factor, that is, the uncontrollable horizontal rear seat affects SKS . Therefore, the addition of the vertical grip can greatly reduce the vertical recoil and greatly reduce the difficulty of the gun, but the horizontal rear seat of the firearm can not make SKS get higher 123> Shooting Accuracy is improved.

Light grip: The light grip is used to improve the stability of the gun (the left and right tilt of the screen when shooting), of course, this effect is not very obvious when the low power mirror is assembled, and the effect is better under the high power microscope. Another effect is to improve the rear seat recovery of the firearm, which is a more suitable SKS attribute effect.

Half-cut grip: The half-grip grip is not recognized by the players, mostly because it ignores its attributes. The half-clip can be used for SKS to reduce the vertical and horizontal recoil, reducing the properties of the double rear seat, but it is very suitable for SKS, and the other is to improve the recoil recovery. From these two points, the half-cut grip is completely tailor-made for SKS, but it will have a negative effect, reducing the stability of shooting, and the screen shake will increase when shooting.

The difference in the three grips on a single point is not obvious, but in continuous shooting or in telling the shot, the vertical grip is added to the SKS muzzle because there is no addition of the muzzle to the positive speed. The jump amplitude becomes smaller, and when the rate of fire increases, the difficulty of pressing the muzzle will gradually increase. The light grip is higher in speed and accuracy than the vertical grip because it improves stability and return speed, but because it does not reduce the rear seat addition, high speed Shooting is more difficult. The final half-grip grip not only provides muzzle recovery, but also reduces the double recoil force. Whether it is slow or fast, the SKS can get the best shooting results, so the SKS preferred grip is Half-cut grip.

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