PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] is more exciting than playing chicken blood? Is adrenaline so amazing?

Energy value has a pivotal position in the battlefield. Do you want to have the super power of “breathing back blood”? Want to have faster speeds? Then you must not be ill-treated, energy drinks, painkillers can not stop! You know, as long as you have tasted the sweetness of energy, you can’t stop it.

As adrenaline was “evicted” by airdrops, it became a supreme artifact pursued by “energy control” by changing it to a small probability in the map. Feeling the wrong state, being weak and weak? Come to the last adrenaline, one can top 3 bottles of beverages, 2 bottles of painkillers to save the drug to the disease. For players who like to run roads and steel guns, adrenaline is a kind of artifact-level existence, and it takes only six seconds to return you to the “Lang Lang”. The running is strong, and the steel gun is completely empty! Yes, medicine is so confident.

Adrenalin is able to return to full energy in the battlefield, making it one of the consumables that everyone pursues. But in the actual individual combat, does adrenaline have such a magical effect?

Adrenalin is a hormone secreted by the human adrenal gland, which can greatly increase the breathing rate, heart rate and blood flow rate. Providing more energy to the body, people’s physical strength and responsiveness are significantly enhanced. It is commonly used to rescue anaphylactic shock, cardiac arrest, and bronchial asthma.

Although adrenaline has a great effect on stimulating human function, it is used in military applications! this! No! Have! Although it has excellent results, it must be injected into the muscle tissue of the lower layer of the skin during injection. At the same time, it has very strict requirements on the dosage. Once the wrong or excessive use of adrenaline, there will be a surge of blood pressure, arrhythmia, severe and even cerebral hemorrhage and ventricular fibrillation.

As in the stimulating battlefield, it is absolutely impossible to carry all the O98K with adrenaline and a push pin on the body. In reality, it is absolutely impossible.

Although it is a bit unscientific, but you are here, “everyone can carry two guns and rush to eight hundred Science in the battlefield without the gasp in the ground is a bit too much. Hey!

In fact, in the stimulating battlefield, once the role has been injected with adrenaline, you will find that the effect of drinking drinks and taking painkillers will drop greatly! So adrenaline, can not be as good as possible! Uh… I said so much, are you still reluctant to give me adrenaline? I have to say that the battlefield is getting more and more popular, and now it’s getting harder and harder to cheat…

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