PUBG Mobile guide can’t beat others? Let the sister tell you the new map of Sanno’s gold field

“PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” has finally ushered in a new update, this update is also closely following the end-game content, updated the new jungle 4×4 map Sanno.

The size of this small map is very small, only one quarter of the old map, the main one is skydiving, Fast paced battle. So the density of the entire map building is also the highest ever. In total, there are 12 large buildings and over 120 small buildings scattered around. It can be said that the entire Sano map can be found in a lot of materials.

Although the entire Sano map is rich in capital, you can still find some more on this map than other regions. Richer locations, such as the 12 large buildings, are the richest places on the map, especially the paradise resorts and altars, comparable to the old map schools and mansions, and there are countless people parachuting at any time.

So what about the likes of the sister-in-law who wants to be full of equipment and don’t want to shoot with people? ? I am also very painful before I am a sister! However, Huang Tian did not pay attention to it. After I tried many skydiving attempts, I finally found a super rich gold field. Today, I will share with you the super-rich and no-flying wilderness area.

This place is an unnamed community on the left side of the altar. Do you think it will be poor? Especially the row of seaside buildings.

In fact, this idea is a big mistake. The richest place in the whole nameless community is exactly the beach. A row of seaside cottages.

This unnamed community has a total of Don’t underestimate these buildings in six seaside cottages. This seemingly simplistic building is as rich as your imagination, and every building will refresh its weapons and equipment.

Let’s take a look at the results of the search after the actual test of the sister-in-law. The course of the test is not very good. It is too far away from this location. When the sister-in-law runs over, it has begun to shrink. Therefore, the sister-in-law only searched three seaside huts. They have not searched the buildings on the shore. There are already four first-aid kits, five bottles of beverages, and a new QBZ assault rifle.

Sister Bao never lie, do you say that this is really super rich? The best part is that few people currently choose to skydiving here. The figure was killed by the robot that sent the courier to the sister.

In addition to this To be clear, on the entire map of Sano, there is more than just a seaside hut in this place. There are nine places in Sano that have such super rich seaside huts. Dear friends, you can choose the position of skydiving according to the route. This kind of remote place near the beach usually has few people to jump.

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