PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Luck is also a strength, it is the real skill to eat chicken by luck.

Hello, everyone! Do you want to marry my sister? I definitely have to think about it right, after all, I am so beautiful and full of strength. Recently, “PUBG Mobile: Stimulating the Battlefield” officially updated the new version. One of the most important updates is to follow the pace of the end-game, and officially launched the new 4×4 small map Sano.

I am excited to see this update. I have long been envious of the friends who can play. The new map is now, and now I don’t have to envy it anymore. I can play the new Sano map on my mobile phone.

Today, my friend is also free, so I will take a friend and double row to play a new map. In preparation, there are apples that can be thrown and played. Although I don’t know what the significance of this apple exists, it is very interesting to throw them away and throw them.

After the opening, Sister Bao decided to take a break with the little friend and jumped into a wild area to play wild. After all, the new map is too small and the population density is too high. We both choose to play a little bit.

Isn’t there a poor place for Sanno’s new map? Can you find a gun when you land? Why did you give me a sprayer and give me a silencer after landing? What does it mean?

Is it the unfortunate day of the sister today? My sister’s little friends have already killed two enemies. I haven’t found a decent weapon in my sister’s bag. I only have a shotgun with a silencer. Why is it so poor here? Waiting for me to wash my hands and wash my face and come back.

It seems that the effect of washing your face and washing your hands is still very good. After I came back, I found a M416 soon. It’s not bad. I like my favorite rifle, and finally I can change the gun. I don’t have to just hold the S12K. I don’t have any sense of security.

The new 4×4 map is really suitable for Voldemort. It is full of lush vegetation. It is hard to find a character in the grass. I was waiting for someone in the grass, and I was able to harvest a small courier with ease. It was really beautiful.

Since washing your hands and washing your face, luck has become very good! Along with the friends, I can say that there is no danger. After killing a few passing enemies, I have mixed up with the small partners in the finals.

In the face of such a dangerous moment, I only dare to climb in the grass and climb forward little by little.

The little friend was unfortunately killed, and I could only tremble behind the tree.

There are only three people in the finals including the sister-in-law. Stabilize, there is still hope to eat chicken, as long as you continue to squat.

In the baggage sister, I was crawling into the safe area a little bit. When I was about to throw a grenade to the back of the bunker, I suddenly told the sister-in-law that I was already lucky and had chicken at night. Sister Bao, I was really awkward at the time. The rest of the two people were all electrocuted outside the safe area. It’s really undoubted that this chicken was really too unexpected. Sure enough luck is also part of the strength!

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