PUBG Mobile guide The previous chicken ribs are now the strongest grip of the assault rifle!

The new version of the rainforest map of “PUBG Mobile Stimulation Battlefield” came. In addition to the new maps and firearms, this update also partially adjusted the properties and accessories of the rifle guns. Below What we have to say is the biggest light grip. The earlier version of the light grip has a part of negative , which causes the player to ignore it directly, and this new version of light The grip attribute has made a big change, the specific performance How to ? Let’s take a look at the light grip on the mainstream assault rifle.

[Before and after changes]

Previous version of the light grip The attribute is muzzle return speed when the firearm is fired, but there is a more obvious side effect, that is, it will be added Vertical recoil for large firearms. It is believed that the used player will find that the 5.56 assault rifle of the earlier version of the assault rifle is even larger than the state when the grip is not assembled. And the recoil, a straight are the questions that the player has been trying to overcome in the game, and the negative attribute of the recoil is obvious. Contrary to the pursuit of players.

The current version of Light The property of the grip is Shooting stability , while increasing the recoil recovery speed of the firearm. Here we can understand that to reduce the shooting recoil of the firearm, while improving the firearm fire muzzle return speed . That is to say, the previous negative effect “increased recoil” is completely removed.

[Shock Analysis]

1 Ballistic Analysis

Here we compare the highest-grip vertical grip in the M416 with the right-angle front grip. As shown below:

Here we can see that the vertical grip has a significantly shorter trajectory than the light grip, which also proves that the vertical grip is lowered in the vertical rear seat Force has a more obvious role. But again The line of the ballistics can be compared. The trajectory of the vertical grip is more “tortuous”. After all, the horizontal rear seat is difficult to control. Although the light grip is not particularly good for the vertical rear seat, it is obvious that the ballistics are less “tortuous” and the path is more direct.

Look at the contrast with the right angle grip. The trajectory of the right-angle front grip is straighter than the lighter grip of the light grip, and the horizontal rear seat is superior. The light grip is relatively short, and the tortuousness is slightly higher. At first glance, it seems that the right angle front grip seems to be more of a popular choice ? Here we have to mention the right angle front grip no lower vertical rear seat attribute and muzzle return plus , and the current version 5.56 firearms backseat is generally strengthened, unless you are a big gun player, if not good The gun technique, the right angle of the front grip of the sweep is difficult to accurately hit the target, such as assembly of three times, four times, etc. .

[Final conclusion]

By comparison of the three, we can easily find out. The light grip seems to combine the right-hand grip and the right-angle front grip for a more comprehensive look.

But here we still need to pay attention to a key point, and one is not The point of neglect is that the light grip also has the positive speed of the first two without the muzzle of the gun. What does it mean to return to positive speed ? How to use it?

Single Shooting ! Facing the enemy with a medium range, the single-shot mode of the assault rifle can attack the target more accurately. In the single point shooting process can fully reflect the effect of the muzzle quick return. The faster the muzzle returns, the less time we need to adjust the crosshairs and the higher the frequency of the shots. Finally, attach the pressure gun comparison diagram of the vertical grip and the light grip.

Near, can be shot by gun, far, accurate shot. Compared to vertical grips and right-angle front grips that focus on individual attributes, the light grip is clearly suited to a larger group of players. See what else to wait for here ? Hurry and get started!

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