PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Is the artifact so strong? Take you into the world of silencers

A wide variety of firearm accessories are a major feature of the battlefield. Different accessories have different effects. From the rare AWM to the familiar M416 to the small pistol, silencers are one of their preferred accessories. The silencer can reduce the sound of the guns, and it can greatly help them in the LYB or the steel gun.

After installing the silencer, the gunshots of various guns will be reduced by one level. It is an essential artifact for home travel and chicken on the battlefield. Some people may say: I want to know where the gunshots are not easy? Even if equipped with a silencer, you can still see the general direction on the radar! This question is good, but I can only say that this idea is too one-sided, in other words: young people are still young.

It is true that the equipment silencer can be detected by the radar, but you also need to look at the accuracy of the radar! Look at the shots of the silencer guns. Is this “general direction” too big to be confusing? You can see it at a glance at a glance, just shoot a little at a distance, and make sure you don’t even know who is shooting.

Knowing that the silencer is stimulating the status of the artifact in the battlefield, then the question comes: Is the silencer so magical in reality? The answer is only two words: no.

There are many types of firearm silencers in reality, and the muffler has different muffler principles. We can divide them into: Five types of eddy current, expansion, barrel open, closed and expanded radiation. Although their structure and function are different, the purpose they want to achieve is the same: reduce the gunshots. At present, the best effect, the most commonly used in the world, is the expansion and reflection type silencer.

The sound of the gun is mainly caused by the moment when the child pops out of the smash, and the shock caused by the impact of the huge pressure on the outside air when the air rushes out of the muzzle. There is usually a lot of material that absorbs sound inside the muffler, and the high pressure gas inside the barrel can expand slightly slowly under their action. This will reduce the speed at which the gas is ejected, and the corresponding gun sound will be reduced.

Although the silencer can reduce the gunshot, the degree of reduction is very limited, even if the gun is equipped with a silencer. There is a big “dull” sound. If you want to have a good sound-absorbing effect, the volume of the silencer will be greatly increased, which will make it become unfavorable for carrying and appear a little tasteless.

I have something to say about stimulating the silencer in the battlefield! As long as you have tried the combination of silencer + sniper rifle, you will definitely be addicted! Uh… I like to look at people in the distance with 98K. The other person feels a panic but can’t find me. Although the boxes left after helping them get the tickets are basically impossible, what is more important than “sweet”?

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