PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: QBZ95 Competition M416, who is the strongest version of the current version

After the new 4×4 map update, some of the friends may find that the new map has SCAR-L missing, and instead a new rifle named QBZ95 appears. A small partner familiar with the military may find this new rifle familiar. Yes, you are not mistaken, the prototype of the QBZ95 rifle is a domestic 95 rifle.

In the previous version, the controversy between M416 and SCAR-L has always existed, and now the new map The QBZ95 replaced SCAR-L, and this controversy was also inherited.

Unlike SCAR-L, QBZ95 and M416 have great overlap in all aspects of properties. Now many players think that under the current version, the M416 is not as good as the QBZ95 and the QBZ95 is the strongest rifle in the current version. Is this really true?

First of all, through the comparison of panel properties, you can see that the properties of the two weapons are basically the same in the full state, M416 The rate of fire will be slightly faster than QBZ95. However, the panel properties do not represent everything, the truth is practiced, and everything still needs to be practiced to speak.



In the case of a bare-nosed gun, the QBZ95 performs in the case of a continuous aiming With good ballistic stability, the left and right sway of the crosshairs can be neglected. The left and right spreads of the bullets are small, and the ballistics are basically in a line.

In contrast, in the case of M416 machine aiming, the sights will have irregular slight left and right shaking, you can see The ballistic drop point of the M416 is basically a random left and right random segment.

As for the recoil, the two are not directly different, but the M416 has a faster rate of fire than the QBZ95. The length is shorter, from the side it can be said that the recoil of the M416 is slightly smaller than QBZ95.



In the fully equipped state, the situation has changed dramatically. The addition effect of the M416 up to five accessories is huge, in the fully equipped continuous shooting state,The shortcomings of the M416 before the naked shot were perfectly corrected. The overall recoil force was smaller, and the left and right distribution of the bullet trajectory was also well corrected. The whole trajectory basically showed a perfect straight line.

In contrast to QBZ95, the addition of four accessories to QBZ95 is not as immediate as M416, but the recoil of the weapon is still visible to the naked eye. The visible reduction is a lot, and the submunition of the bullet is better than the bare gun.

However, compared to the full M416, there is no equalization in the bare gun state. The comprehensive attribute of the M416 is better than the QBZ95, not to mention the super high rate of fire of the M416. In the fierce battle, it is the key attribute of life and death.

After the actual test comparison, we can It is concluded that in the state of naked guns or accessories, the performance of QBZ95 and M416 can be said to be equally divided, and they can all be used. But in the fully equipped state, the M416 is still the strongest rifle among the M416, 5.56mm caliber rifles we know.

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