PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: I don’t want to go to any air-dropping area, but the super airdrop is really incense!

As everyone knows, I have some technical strengths. However, compared to those who are really big, they are still far away, so my sister and I have always been able to fight wild and fight wild, can squat and squat, what big city, what airdrop, never I will go, I am afraid that I will not come back when I go. But yesterday, I was lucky enough to touch a super airdrop, I just want to say: really incense!

4×4 new map is online, and recently the sisters are refreshing the map, yesterday’s sister’s My friends are not online. I have to go to the single row of new maps by myself. I didn’t expect that I had just searched for a few rooms, but I saw a small red pistol.

It seems that a person playing a game is also very good. Is luck today so great? You can pick up the signal gun in a wild field, so I didn’t hesitate to go out and hurry to the outside.

Looking at the game’s tips, there is a little excitement, the first time a super airdrop, I don’t know if I can give it to me? Before I looked at pictures sent by others, I said that the super airdrops are super rich! Directly into a god costume, it is really too happy, but unfortunately, the little friends of the sister-in-law are not there, can not share happiness together.

Come! coming! Can’t wait, let’s see what good things are there? Three parachutes look a lot more aggressive than ordinary airdrops!

Compared to the ordinary red cast iron box, the appearance of the super airdrop is not the same. The green canvas has a strong military atmosphere. Let’s see what is inside.

Hey, it really is a super airdrop, it is really rich. The three-level suit, M249, AWM, is really a direct graduation equipment! Are you afraid of not eating chicken with these? Hey, everyone else is ready to greet my bullets!

M249 is cool to use, the speed is very fast, the sitting power is still small, and it is easy to kill a delivery.

AWM is also well-deserved, dare to swim in front of me across the river? Let you taste the power of my AWM, a shot.

Two big killers are in hand, I have it in the world! God blocking along the wayKilling the gods, the Buddha blocked the Buddha, and he was so stunned that he successfully entered the finals. The last two people left, playing chicken has never been so refreshing, M249 plus AWM is really too strong and too cool.

Young man, I found you Oh. Hey, Voldemort is not afraid? I have climbed to your feet, you haven’t found it yet, then don’t blame me for giving you a shuttle to get rid of you. Kill one, and the last person left, you can eat chicken right away.

Hey, the last one who wants to fight with me, but I didn’t think I was in the M249, I directly sifted the other. Artifact is in hand, I have it in the world! It’s really easy to have two artifacts to eat chicken! Super airdrop, really incense!

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