PUBG Mobile guide The best place to stop before the bridge! Island military base fielding ideas

“Blocking” The word Believe that Most players are very Familiar, this routine It is mainly used to target enemies from military bases. Many players are often misplaced because of the delay in search time or timing because of the delay in other areas or the wild area, resulting in slow on enemy on the bridge, delay Not to mention the time, but also led to “the bamboo basket hit the water empty.” Below we are talking about the need to develop smoothly, to avoid the initial still want to block the bridge, and want to avoid the initial landing of the steel gun players, recommend the airport wilderness search route . I believe that using this method, the bridge can also be a step faster.

Most of the time, most of the players on the island of the military base are selected. Ignore the surrounding wild areas. And more players here choose the wild area is generally the following two points.

The left side of the settlement is a small wooden house settlement, there is no high-rise building, and the large material level is not high, but the victory is closer to the bridge. Although the distance advantage is huge, you must know that there are not enough powerful weapons, and the influence on the enemy who drives the bridge does not seem too big. Similarly, the right point is still the same, because the building is scarce, the multi-person mode, can not arm the entire formation, and the direction near N port is too dangerous, contrary to our “initial stable development” ideas. Therefore these two points are not particularly good positions.

Below we are talking about the position that most players ignore.

As shown in the above picture, we can see that there are many wild areas around the military base. And because the military base on the island and the N port are extremely fertile resource points in the game, these points are unattended in most cases. So we can start with these small resource points.


The problem with the route, we can plan more in a circle. Or choose according to the location of the bridge we want to block.

Route 1: If you want to block the west side of the map Bridge, then we can choose to settle from the 1st point in the picture below. The point is close to the road, the vehicle has a higher probability of brushing, and with the carrier we can transfer faster and get on the bridge faster.

In the area 1, turn to 2, 3, 4 and 5 in turn, and finally go directly to the bridge, select the bridge.

Route 2: If you want to block the bridge on the east side, you can choose to settle in Figure 1 below. The point 1 in the figure is the point where the vehicle must be brushed. When it is dropped, the carrier can be found 100%, and the transfer rate is faster.

After finding the point 1 and finding the vehicle, it will be transferred to the 2, 3, and 4 points in the same order. During the period, you need to pay attention to the enemy in the direction of the N port, because in the position of the bridge head, it is easy to encounter the player who has settled down to receive the “toll fee”. So as far as possible, drive the vehicle around the room and go on the bridge.

Well, the above is the wild area of ​​the military base brought to you this time. Block the entire content of the bridge play, go to the game and practice it.

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