PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Meng new battlefield day trip, say more tears

Every great god who spurred the battlefield was in the midst of hundreds of wars, braving the bullets and rain, and the heart-warming battle songs were heard in the heart. “Ah, oh, oh oh oh, oh oh!” Holding a handsome and charming rifle, holding the kidney that was leaked by the bullet in one hand, it launched a fierce charge to the enemy. It is a kind of fearlessness, a kind of blood, for the sake of the country for the sake of the people. what? single! Then it is good for my wife. In short, the veterans who finally survived have become the gods that stimulate the battlefield.

How hot it is, a little bit of a new career for the newcomers. Now they have already had tears in their eyes, riding a horse and rushing, and our heart is ringing our battle song. “Ah, oh, ah, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, go to the battlefield.” Like a dumpling, I was kicked off the plane by the captain. When I think about it, I always want our dear captain to come back and feel the same feeling of flying.

Xiaomeng Xin was blown away by the wind in the midair, handsome hair, revealing a bald-headed bald head. But it doesn’t matter, it can be like the brightest star in the night, the hottest sun in the day, just because it is handsome, so can’t hide it. Although the crotch was also scratched by the big tree when it fell, it was inevitably exposed to a trace of handsomeness. It was really annoying. In short, it landed in horror.

This really makes Xiaomeng new troubles. Is it necessary to choose this shotgun that looks rough but is in line with Xiaomeng’s new stalwart chest, or is this small and smart UZI like Xiaomeng’s new and exciting girl? If you choose a shotgun, would anyone say rude? I am so refined, I have to apply hand cream before shooting. If UZI is chosen, will anyone say that I am a gun? I am a pure man who is just a child. The favorite exercise every day is the smashing of the chest. The point of the point will be the person who will choose who I will decide, it is you, sexy and charming villain M16A4 rifle.

Is this empty battlefield prairie Hulunbeier? Bring the horse to you, not good, there are assassins! How can a small thief in a district be a little new? In Xiaomeng’s new mind, the enemy in the dark has already died 10,000 times. Listening (lei) sound (da), the pickpocket is an instant opening and 98K headshot. At the end of the end, I blew a sigh at the hot muzzle. After all, the 98K barrel was too long and almost licked. Still running, it’s the so-called stay in the green hills, not afraid of not burning wood. “Through the hills, it is already white.”

Running under the scorching sun is looking for the lost youth? Do not! No, it is the feet that Meng Xin Saizi can’t stop for a dream on the vast battlefield prairie. The tears that flowed down seemed to say: “Big brother is forgiving, big brother is saying goodbye!”

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