PUBG Mobile guide [Entertainment] Brows and wrinkles and found this thing is not simple, skydiving simulator to understand?

For most players, stimulating the battlefield is a world that constantly repeats skydiving and running. Ever since, our battlefield has aliases for “parachute simulator” and “running simulator”. In the final analysis, the reason for this situation is a word: dish. Sorry, I didn’t target some people. I want to say that everyone here is slag…big! (Incomparably strong desire for survival).

No matter which map you are in, skydiving is a “warm-up exercise” that players must do before they fight. It is very important to have a skilled downhill and landing technique in the early stages of landing. Especially for players who like steel guns, as long as they are a few seconds late in a large resource point, the price is that they are chasing their ass.

In the exciting battlefield, skydiving is fast, accurate, and embarrassing! Mark a point that you want to fall, even though the head is swooping down. There are any buildings around him that block the old man’s skydiving more than 2,000 times, only one word!

In real life, skydiving is a extreme sport with extreme technical content, but it can’t be “smashed”. Parachuting is known as the “Courage of the Brave” by virtue of its own thrills and challenges.

As for the most important parachute in skydiving, it is also very particular, more useful and different in characteristics. The parachute can be fine. Divided into: human umbrella, parachute umbrella, resistance umbrella and special purpose umbrella. What we saw in the stimulating battlefield was the parachute on the umbrella and the airdrop box.

The parachute originated in China. As early as in the 100 years of the Western Han Dynasty, the “Historical Records of the Five Emperors”, there is a record of the application of the parachute principle. The earliest record of mankind’s use of the parachute principle was that, around 1306 AD, in the emperor’s enthronement ceremony in the Yuan Dynasty, the acrobats in the court used a paper giant umbrella to leap from the very high wall and land safely. This can be said to be the earliest skydiving practice.

As the only line of defense to ensure the safety of skydivers, it is important to check the bag before skydiving. Even so, there are not a few incidents of death each year due to failure to open an umbrella. The folding method of the parachute in the umbrella bag, the timing of the opening of the umbrella, and the choice of the parachute jumper are very particular, and it is easy to cause a tragedy with a little carelessness.

When it comes to skydiving, in addition to stimulating the battlefield, the first one I think of is the man who stood at the top of the food chain – Bayer. Even if it is as strong as Baye, the losses that have been eaten in skydiving are too numerous. When recording the wilderness in the Rocky Mountains, Baye had encountered a parachute hanging on the tree. That was the second time in his life that he was hung on a tree during skydiving, and the first time directly caused his spine fracture.

I can’t think of it! In the game, it seems to be the “basic operation” of eating and drinking. In reality, there is such a high risk. However, mentioning the experience of being hung on the tree reminds me of the hang on the building.Hey, looking at other people’s early landings, I can only pray on the house: I can’t see me, I can’t see me, I can’t see me…

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