PUBG Mobile guide Commander Training Camp, single rainforest show

New season Start , many players have found that in the rainforest map, because the game rhythm is faster, while the vegetation is dense, many players who want to score Here are all satisfied with . In the four-person team, the most important thing is the commander’s ability, so today I will talk to you about the command ability Training method – Single Rainforest, the reason why I chose the rainforest map is because the rainforest map will definitely become the first choice for the next season, we should take this time to understand the characteristics of the new map so that we can We better cooperate with teammates when we score points. The rainforest has complex terrain and many resources, so this time we use a practical case for analysis.

First, we chose the landing site as Pai South, The point is compared to the training base and the quarry, which is relatively close to the center of the map, to ensure maximum safety. At the same time, sending South can be regarded as a gateway to the southwestern island. Once the circle is in the southwest, we can also use the terrain to intercept some enemies.

After landing, we will quickly start collecting. The single-player mode is inferior to the 4-player mode in the battle of landing. Most of the battles are short and fast. Rarely dragging the water, so we must choose the landing point when we fall, look for guns as soon as possible to ensure their own safety, and in the usual island or desert car tactics, the price is not so high.

The most difficult part of the single player mode is that there is no teammate gun, which makes it easy for us to be attacked by various kinds of sneak attacks. In addition, the rainforest vegetation and bunkers are denser, which increases the degree of danger. Usually rely more on listening to voice. Here to recommend a rainforest trick, after discovering the sound of the enemy, immediately stop to confirm the enemy’s direction, and judge whether the enemy is indoors or outdoors according to the type of sound, and observe the grass and other bunkers outside. If the sound is coming out indoors, be careful not to enter immediately after opening the door when entering the surrounding building. Instead, use the field of view to observe and determine the enemy position before proceeding.

The most troublesome aspect of the rainforest map is the transfer. Although we can use the single-person mode with limited firepower to directly drive the vehicle into the safe area, this kind of play has a very big hidden danger. The location is not very good. It is very likely that you will be killed by other enemies just after you get off the bus. Therefore, we recommend a safe transfer method here, that is, follow the route of “Room-Mountain-Room”, so the advantage of advancement is that we can step by step, whether in the housing area or on the hillside. The bunker can easily guarantee our safety and make our rankings even higher.

The second is airdrop. Here is a suggestion. In the single-player mode, the airdrop can be completely smashed under conditions. The rainforest map is rich in cover, and the dense vegetation can easily hide our traces. We have created favorable conditions for our airdrops because the rainforest map is small and an airdrop attracts a large number of enemies. At this time weIt is possible to kill as much as possible to achieve the purpose of controlling the rhythm.

After controlling the rhythm of the game, our understanding of the equipment and the battlefield information is far beyond the enemy, so as long as there are no big mistakes, eating chicken is basically stable. If you want to achieve this effect, the grasp of the rhythm of the rainforest map battlefield is inseparable. Once we are familiar with this rhythm through training, we can easily score the ! in the new season. >

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