PUBG Mobile guide Just the hardest gun to eat the most fat chicken, rain forest training base breaks the play

When it comes to the new season, our first priority is to score, but the traditional 苟 ranking is relatively inefficient, because in the stimulating battlefield, the player’s score is not only related to the ranking, but also Compared with the amount of materials, the number of kills, the distance of action, the treatment of teammates, etc., the simple ranking of the 苟 can be said to be the most inefficient play, and you want to quickly experience the matchup with your own position. Just shooting is essential.

And the rainforest as a small map of 4*4 Whether it is 苟 or just, the intensity of the battle will be much greater than other 8*8 maps. In such a battlefield situation, if you want to quickly gain advantage and suppress other enemies, you must choose a good foothold for quick. development. Today, we will tell you about the breakout style of the rainforest training base and help everyone get a quick score.

The training base of the rainforest is very rich, and its status is equivalent to the military base of the island map and Saint Martin of the desert map. So we landed very thrilling. In order to facilitate understanding, here we analyze according to the actual case of a game.

First of all, we chose the Red Building to land. There are several advantages to landing here. The first is that the firearms are very dense, and there are few cases where there is no landing and no guns. Secondly, it is located in the center of the training base. It is very easy to observe other enemies. The drop point, whether it is to carry out “bird fight”, or to avoid its edge is very easy.

At the same time, if you can easily occupy the red building, then the roof of this building will become a very good fire point, because this building is different from other buildings, it has a small wall as a shelter, very safe and reasonable use. Suppress the enemy very easily.

In addition to some of the combat advantages mentioned above, this point There is also a big advantage in tactics, that is, the training base is more biased towards the center of the map. In the rainforest map of LYB, the lap is bound to reduce the probability of being yin, thus improving our eating chicken in disguise. rate.

The above mentioned the advantages of the training base map, so we can completely ignore the first to second circle, and wait until the third circle is transferred according to the situation. And the training base is still a high probability to brush the car, once the control base is controlled, you can drive away when you are in the loop.

You can adjust the situation according to the actual situation. For example, the position of this game is sent to South. So we immediately assembled our teammates to drive into the circle. At the same time, because we are located in the battle center, the control of the battlefield situation should be the best. In actual combat, we should also pay attention to the gunshots that are not threatening to us. After remembering the direction, we can judge the approximate position of the enemy according to the passage of time, so as to avoid being ambushed to the utmost extent.

In the latter part of the game, you must use the advantage of the vehicle to grab favorable terrain in advance. For example, the protagonist in the example occupies the final zone and can easily Targeting nearby enemies, and because of the possession of the vehicle, can be quickly transferred even if the shrink ring is unfavorable to them.

The last protagonist succeeded in eating chicken with excellent gunwork and precise tactical arrangements.

To sum up, in the rainforest map, if you want to quickly score, kill the number It is indispensable. If you are confident in your own shots, you can use this as your own base to practice, which can significantly improve your efficiency.

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