PUBG Mobile guide Lying Chicken Cheats: Today’s sister introduces the correct way to visit the remains

The new map of Sano has been on the line for some time. I believe that all the friends in this time are brushing this fast-paced map. Do you have a deep memory of the buildings that are everywhere?

There are one or two super wealthy material locations in the previous two old maps. A game is a must for everyone. Every time you jump, there will be no less than five people. Although the material density of the new map Sano is already very high, there are also two materials on this map. The density is significantly higher than that of other areas. These two points of material are also the same for everyone to start the game. These two areas are the relics and Paradise Island Resort. Today we will first talk about the jumping and playing style of the remains.

The ruins are located slightly below the left side of the map of Sano. This position basically can be parachuted as long as the route is not too biased, so there will be many players in each game to choose to search.

The main building of the ruins is a square three-story trapezoidal building. The first floor has the largest area, the second is second. The third floor has only the small house shown in the picture, but the two-story top platform can be free. mobile.

If you want to choose the skydiving ruins For the search, the recommended parachute location is the third layer of the relic, which is the platform at the top of the second floor.

This platform can only be climbed up the stairs from the second floor through the doorway of this small room on the third floor except for the direct landing of the skydiving. In other words, only if you successfully parachute to the third floor of the platform, and kill other people who jumped to the platform with you, you only need to hold the door of the room to be invincible, do whatever you want. .

If you are unfortunate enough that your skydiving distance is not enough, you can not land directly on the platform of the third floor, what should you do?

Don’t panic, we have alternative routes.

There is such a small entrance on each side of the floor, after entering the entrance is a small passage, in this The small channel will also refresh a lot of equipment. At the same time, this small passage is a small room that can lead to the second floor. It is also a very good defensive position here.

You can attack and retreat, you don’t need to be afraid of being blocked by others, you can’t retreat, you can even wait for a wave of skydiving to the third floor.

Finally need to sayIt is clear that in addition to the main building of this square, there are some scattered small-sized buildings on the periphery of the ruins, and materials will be refreshed in these small buildings. At some point, some people will choose to jump to these fringe areas, first ensure the survival rate of the landing, and then counterattack the main building after getting the weapon, so don’t forget the possible threats around you when you fight in the main building. .

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